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OTR presents Menno Solo @ Plug

Menno De Jong returned to Plug last weekend, exactly one year on from performing a sell out set at OTR’s 8th Birthday. He returned to Sheffield for the UK edition of Menno Solo, a 7 hour open to close set that has toured as far as Amsterdam and Sydney.

Although a 7 hour set may seem overly ambitious, De Jong had already proved it could work successfully, pulling it off last year with rave reviews. It’s clear he had made an impression on people as the venue is packed to the rafters from start to finish. De Jong is clearly experienced at keeping interest peaked throughout long sets, which he expertly shows by constantly altering tempos and varying styles – just enough to ensure it doesn’t get tedious for either him or the audience. It was rare the room was not both full energy and capacity as De Jong showcases his wide knowledge of trance and electronic music, through both his own produced music and carefully selected tracks of others.

After two highly successful years of Menno Solo at Plug, it will be a surprise if it does not remain the venue for the UK edition for the foreseeable future.

Words: Tyrone Scott

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