October Drift – Stranger Days EP

The band of the moment deliver four tracks that confirm for me why everyone round here is going nuts over them. The first track, ‘Losing My Touch’, is a sonic assault which on its own sums up why they are the hottest ticket in town. They manage to be light and airy while all the time creating a swell of sound that just flows over the listener and has you hooked. Nothing overpowers, but it subtly takes you over and invades your entire body until you feel part of the song itself. I can only imagine how this must feel in a live gig, and their ‘quaint’ idea of just letting their live shows win people over and shunning the social media nonsense that groups seem to feel they need to surround themselves with, has proved as simple as it has been effective. They’re at the Leadmill for a sold out show soon, and if your thinking of waiting for when they return for a repeat Tramlines show at Crystal, you’d better get in line early; the end of the queue will be outside the Town Hall. Barnsley Town Hall. 

Words by Mark Perkins 

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