Nai Harvest @ The Harley

Review of Nai Harvest at The Harley, with support from Best Friends.

Crowd surfing, a smashed guitar and a shit load of balloons; Nai Harvest’s homecoming show is one that anyone lucky enough to be in attendance shan’t forget any time soon.

Supported by the not-too-dissimilar-yet-slightly-more-reliant-on-melodies-and-catchy-hooks Best Friends – who are former housemates of the headliners – tonight’s show feels like a celebration of both the release of Nai Harvest’s sophomore album ‘Hairball’ (named after a neologism the band developed for throwing up whilst on tour) and everything Sheffield’s bustling music scene has to offer.


This being the last show of the band’s current tour, everything and more is given. Entering the stage to Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al before an avalanche of balloons is swept over the crowd, guitarist Ben Thompson and drummer Lew Currie’s collection of garage-rock, early-90s lo-fi tunes is an invigorating set that, with every song, seems to energise and delight the crowd further.

The first half is somewhat subdued, but as the tunes come thick and fast, as does the number of people losing their shit. Staples of their new album ‘All The Time, Melanie’ and ‘Sick On My Heart’ are rapturously received, with the latter seeing Ben get involved with the crowd surfing himself.


Addressing the crowd with “Sheffield, baby, you’ve got it” the duo finish on the title track from their brilliant new album and conclude with a piercing sound of guitar feedback as those from the crowd who’ve cumulated onstage watch on. There’s no denying that we’ve got it and tonight’s show is one that could go down in folklore should the future be kind to these likely lads.

Words: Charles Gray
Photos: The Teletarts

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