Nai Harvest – Hairball

Review of Nai Harvest album Hairball.

Sheffield guitar and drums duo, Nai Harvest present ten tracks of super catchy emo/indie on Hairball. This is technically their second LP, but their first was more of a collection of songs from previous releases, so it’s good to see the boys sink their teeth into the album format and really flourish.

Part of the joy of listening to Hairball is the energy – it often feels like the songs might start to run away with themselves but they’re always pulled back from the brink, and what you get is a slick, fun release with a whole lot of urgency. Nai Harvest’s older stuff leaned more towards the emo half of the equation, but tracks such as “Sick on My Heart” and “All The Time” push a more upbeat and summery sound. The production is clean and shimmering, and subtle effects, like distortion on the vocals, give the album a psychedelic/dreamy tinge. The lyrics, when intelligible, tend towards the abstract, which only reinforces this feeling.

A lot of modern indie fails to add anything new to the pot, but Hairball is vibrant and different, and with so many catchy choruses, you can’t go wrong. Another local duo doing us proud.

Joe E. Allen

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