Todd Terry

Exposed meets Todd Terry ahead of History at Magna.

Legendary DJ and producer, Todd Terry will be starring at South Yorkshire’s long-awaited ‘History’ House night at Magna. Blending sounds of classic disco, The Chicago Sound and elements of hip-hop, Todd Terry’s set is a must see. We had a chat to find out what to expect…

Hey Todd, how are you doing today? You’re heading to Sheffield way soon – are you familiar with our good city?
I’m very good thank you. Yes I have been to Sheffield many times. It’s got that good UK vibe. You guys are open to us doing our thing, and seem to appreciate it more which I like.

What can we expect from ‘History’ at Magna?
It will be good – I’ll be doing my house thing. I reckon you Yorkshire guys will be receptive. Obviously there’s a huge dance music history from Gatecrasher behind it, so you can expect sounds from that too. We won’t disappoint.


Tell us about the journey that’s led to you being as musically successful as you are today?
To be honest I just started playing around with music, DJing with my friends. I began getting into real music, and became more and more interested. Then I began understanding more about the record business. It’s really important for me that we can predict the future of music and stay current.

Which artists would you love to work with?
Oh god – anyone upcoming, maybe Usher, Rihanna, anyone like that would fit in with House would work. Maybe an artist from the hip-hop scene – Busta, or Kanye would suit. We’re working on it, we reach out and get used for remixes. It’s just a bit more difficult to secure production. It’ll happen, just be patient!

Tell us about your music style and main influences?
I have so many different styles, from hip-hop to house to deep house to pop to rock. I’ve covered a lot of styles over the years because I’ve never wanted to be alienated to just one. I get criticised for that a lot, but I don’t pay no mind, I just do me.

Are there any producers or remixes that are inspiring you at the moment?
DJ Eclipse is doing well. To be honest I look up to all the guys on the label, they all bring a new style. I like the new London-based artists. A mix of everyone inspires me really; there isn’t one artist in the front of my mind.

Is DJing something you can perfect with practice or does it become more difficult over the years?
I could make it a lot easier on myself if I wanted but it just takes the fun out of it. I like to WORK, I could easily just use a computer and press a button but I like to mix it up.


Where do you see your music going over the next few years?
I’ll get a pop act to sing over one of my tunes. Someone like One Republic would be cool. Yeah, that’s the future.

What is it about house music that you like in particular?
I love how house music allows you to work with so many different styles. Like deep house, hard tech – there are so many different styles you can travel with. It’s cool how you can see the difference in DJs across the clubs too. House music can feel different every time you listen.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you’d be doing right now?
I honestly can’t think of anything else I’d want to be doing. Obviously there was sport and baseball and things like that when I was younger, but nothing ever gripped me like music did. It was life changing, my whole focus was music. My mind was always on the studio, getting in with the right crowds and building my knowledge. It became a totally different life.

Do you have any big plans for 2015?
Yeah, I’m about to get my own club in Ibiza. I want to venture out and own my own entity. Ownership is the future, different venues and promoting the in-house brand.

Obviously you had massive success with the remixes Missing, and of course, Everything But The Girl. Something Going On was also a huge hit over here, which was more of your own single. Do you prefer being a star in your own right, or do you enjoy being the production behind a remix?
Honestly, it’s not about the star. The music is the star; we’re just the backup sound. No matter who the DJ is, it all revolves around the House feel, that’s the longevity of it. Once we’ve achieved a banging track, obviously we’ve worked hard on it so we want to take the stardom for that, but honestly it never one person’s success, there’s work from all around the table, from everyone together. It’s a team game.

Well, we certainly think you are a star. A bit of a silly one to close up – will you be celebrating St Patricks day?!
Haha I certainly will. I have loads of Irish friends over here, as well as a lot of the management in Boston. I’m sure they’ll get messy! I don’t drink – I quit about 10 years ago, but I’m sure I’ll join them with a nice glass of champs. How classy am I?

Well thanks for chatting to us, and we look forward to welcoming you for ‘History’ at Magna!
It’s cool; I’m looking forward to it. Don’t forget to check out Inhouse records online, guys.

Royal House Events bring you the biggest House event to hit Yorkshire, on Saturday 7th March at Magna. With over 40 headlining DJs across 5 arenas, featuring artists from the likes of Todd Terry, Graeme Park, Sully and Flashmob, this is the party not to be missed. Tickets £35.00 on the door.

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