The Darkness / Download 2015

The Darkness Interview

Situated in the cosy press tent at a very rainy Download Festival, we cornered The Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain for a chat about the festival and their new album.


Hi Frankie, thank god the weather has turned around for you guys today!

Luckily, we stayed in the hotel up the road last night, so we were sheltered from the downpour of rain!


I’m jealous; I’ve got a flooded tent to go back to tonight.

Oh no! Well you look very well if that makes it any better?


Oh, thank you! So you’re hitting The Maverick Stage at 3pm today, what have you got in store for Download goers today?

We’re going to be making a surprise entrance with some kind of Viking theme, wearing a Roxy Disco, 1974/1975 royal blue suit, with a waistcoat that looks more like a brazier.


Well that’s definitely worth checking out. So what is the best thing about playing Download Festival?

The best thing about Download Festival is bumping into old faces; that’s good. But I suppose you also bump into a lot of old faeces too in those portaloo’s.


I hear you. What are your three festival essentials?

My three festival essentials are; tissues, smoked salmon and champagne.


I don’t have any smoked salmon and champagne, but can offer some soggy crisps and flat beer?

I’ll have to pass on that!


If you were given the chance to put on your own festival, who would be your three dream headliners?

Easy. Neil Diamond, Prince and Fleetwood Mac.


You’ve just put out your new album Last of Our Kind, how has the fans response been so far?

It’s been really positive. Very good indeed. Everyone seems to agree it’s been our best album since the first one, possibly even better. A lot of people actually think it’s a concept album. It could be as there are certainly elements of defiance, it’s quite emotive. Certainly not cartoon-like or ironic like people think we are. It’s our heaviest album.


Do you think that’s the reason it’s received such positive reviews?

Well it’s full-blooded; it’s very passionate. There’s quite a lot of depth. There’s defiance in the story-telling of people, the Vikings for example. Or in the case of relationships; emotional defiance. I don’t think you’ll find as much as that in our previous albums.


Which new tracks are you going to be treating the crowd with today?

We’re going to be playing Mudslide, which is a song about a wealthy landowner looking over a mudslide. It’s all about arrogance and capitalism, how people lose their sense of compassion. We’re also going to play Open Fire, which is Justin’s commentary on poverty.


You’re currently on tour with your new drummer Rufus Taylor; how has he been shaping up so far?

He’s shaping up well! I’m the bass player so we have a lot of eye contact on stage. He hits a snare very hard! He’s a proper rock drummer, a great laugh and great company.


Sounds like a keeper! So what’s next Frankie?

Well we were supposed to be supporting the Foo Fighters, but obviously with Dave Grohl breaking his leg it doesn’t look like it’s going ahead anymore! But we’ve got a bunch of festivals throughout the summer, in the UK, Italy and Germany. Then in the Autumn we’re heading to Australia and the USA.


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