Oliver Dollar

Exposed meets Oliver Dollar.

Born and based in the urban surroundings of Berlin, House music staple Oliver $ (or Oliver Dollar) has been making waves all over the world. His collaboration ‘Pushing On’ with Jimi Jules peaked at number 15 in the official UK charts – and 2014 is set to be his biggest year yet. Oliver hit Magna this month as part of Fear Fest November 1 – so we at Exposed thought it was time for a little catch-up.

A few basics first, Oliver – how did you initially get into music?
I used to work at a record store buying vinyl. I’ve always had an interest in buying music, in particular all the older records, and I suppose that’s where my love of sampling has come from. I met Jesse Rose whilst I was working in Berlin and he asked me to come on tour with him as his tour manager – at the time I barely spoke any English which was kind of funny and I was the worst tour manager ever! Whilst we were at one of the shows, I decided to play an after party instead of sorting his stuff out for the next gig. That’s when we both realised I’m a much better DJ than I am tour manager!

What made you go with the name Oliver Dollar?
Thinking of a name is actually really hard. Obviously my first name is Oliver, which I wanted to keep, and I just thought the $ sign looked wicked next to it. I like the look on flyers and I wanted to keep it simple – and of course making some dollar. Since everybody started going on Facebook and social networks though I’ve had to change it slightly, so it’s a written dollar, as you can’t search the $ sign on Google.

You’ve spent the last couple of months touring non-stop over Europe and the USA. Where’s your favourite location and why?
Too many places to mention – and the past six months have been the craziest touring of my life. It’s been amazing. Gigs in Europe and America are always very different, to start with the partying in Europe starts and ends much later, which is something I’m used to – but there are some wicked parties and after parties in America… you just have to know where to find them. My favourite location has to be either Detroit or Berlin though, I can’t pick between the two. The people are always so keen to have a good time, and it’s not money driven – which makes a real difference to the party.


How do the crowds compare to your hometown Berlin?
Berlin is one of a kind. Panorama Bar is still my favourite place to play in the world – and I don’t think that will ever change.

What should fans expect from an Oliver Dollar show?
Party music. I try to change my sets as much as possible, depending on where I’m playing and at what set time, but expect to have good fun.

What artists are you listening to at the moment?
Too many to mention. My boy Brillstein on Play It Down, Jimi Jules, Matthew K and Ed Ed. I’ve been listening to a lot of the Desolat guys: tINI, Guti, Loco Dice.

You’ve done quite a few collaborations recently. Which has been your favourite and why?
I don’t think I can name a favourite – as they’re all different and great in their own right. Obviously, working with my pal Jimi Jules is always great, and of course Jesse Rose who I’ve worked with for such a long time. We have our compilation coming out soon – which has been a really fun project.

What’s next? Anything we should know?
Lots of exciting collaborations with some legends I’m honoured to work with, as well as some newer acts, and I’ve got something coming up with Chuck Daniels and Breach. I’m also finishing off my album which will be coming out next year.

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