Interview: The Wailers

Legendary reggae artists, The Wailers will be arriving in Sheffield on November 21st where they’ll be performing the iconic album, “Legend” in its entirety which features hits ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, and ‘Jamming’. The Wailers are best known for their work with Bob Marley and it is now the job of  Danglin to try and lead the band  in Bob’s place. We caught up with him to see how they’re getting on ahead of their UK tour dates.


The Wailers have been going since the 1970s and you still seem to be as popular as ever. What do you think the reason behind this is?
I think there are two things that have made the music so popular, the message and the mood. The music transcends time and space because the message is universal. People are still facing the problems they always have so they need the music and our message now more than ever.

How do you keep the experiences fresh and new for your live performances?
It’s different for every occasion because the crowd is different every time. People will always enjoy coming together in a positive setting in one love and unity. It’s the reason the Wailer’s legacy has lived on for so long.

The line-up of the Wailers has gone through many changes over the years too; in fact you’re one of the newest additions. How have you found working with such a legendary band? What was your reaction when you were asked to join?
I had to think hard about the decision because at the time my solo career had just kicked off, I had a top selling single and an album on the way. But I had to look at the big picture and it was a great opportunity for me to work under the guidance of Family Man (the only remaining original member of the Wailers). He’s the king of reggae bassline.

The Wailers are still very much associated with the legacy of Bob Marley. What are your memories of him and his music?
He’s always been important to me; I grew up on his music and associate it with some of my earliest memories. Reggae is a big part of Jamaican culture and tradition and Bob Marley and the Wailers are a massive part of that culture and movement. It gives us identity.

At the start of the year you ran a competition for fans to define “One Love”. What were the best answers they came up with and what does it mean to you?
To me one love is about unity, it’s about understanding despite our differences. Through one love we can rise above all negativity. If we are all on the same page of positivity then nothing negative can happen..

When you come to Sheffield you’ll be playing the whole of you iconic album Legend. Will there be any surprise tracks too?
Well, the UK has a lot of significance to us as it’s the first place we performed internationally. When we come there later this month we’re going to be playing Legend in full cause it’s our most popular album. It’s the one that people want to hear ya know. It’s our mission to give the people what they want.

You’ve got a long period of touring coming up, how are you preparing for it? Do you have any tips for having fun on the road?
This is what I do. Even when I’m not working or performing I’ve got to spread the music, peace and love. It’s a privilege and it fulfils me.

Are you planning on releasing any new music in the near future?
Family Man is always working on new music. We’ve done a few collaborations, even one with a country music star. It’s not down to me though, the Wailers is Family Man’s project so it’s ultimately his decision. Bob covered a lot of topics and made thousands of songs so it’s hard to cover ground that he hasn’t. The music has stood the test of time too so we don’t need to make new music as much as other bands.

Where do you see the Wailers in 10 years’ time? Will you keep on reinventing yourselves and do you still plan on keeping up the hectic touring schedule?
Yeah, as long as Family Man wants to I’ll be there – he’s the captain!

You can pick up tickets to see the Wailers at the O2 Academy, Sat 21st November here.

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