Gorgeous Glasgow duo Honeyblood bring their breezy brilliance to Bungalows and Bears this month. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Stina to find out more.

Morning Stina, how are you, where are you and what can you see?
Very well today thanks. It’s a pretty boring view of Glasgow just now…. but it’s home.

You’re heading to Sheffield as part of your debut headline tour in September. Have you visited our fair shores before?
Yeah, a few times actually. Tramlines was our first visit to Sheffield which was great fun. We’ve also done some shows at The Great Gatsby which we enjoyed. We’ve always had great audiences in Sheffield.

What can people expect from your show here?
A thoroughly enjoyable evening! Our shows are about just having a bit of fun and playing some songs for people to enjoy.

What’s the story of Honeyblood? How did you and Shona get together?
I’d been writing some songs with Honeyblood in mind and a mutual friend suggested I approach Shona to join forces with. We then met in a bar by chance a while later and I asked her if she wanted to jam my songs. We had a few practices, played a few gigs – and here we are.

Is it right you recorded your first release in your bathroom?
Ha! Everyone mentions that. To be fair, it was someone else’s bathroom, but yeah it’s sort of true.

And for those who haven’t heard your self-titled debut album, how would you describe it?
I think it’s a very true representation of us… and the songs stretch over the whole time we’ve been a band.

How did the name Honeyblood come about?
It was a really lazy Halloween costume I made just before the start of the band. I made my own fake blood out of Honey, water, corn flour and red food dye – and then swirled it about my mouth and spat it on people. It didn’t taste too bad, actually.

Lovely. And what would you say your career highlight has been to date?
The release of our album is definitely a milestone. It’s also amazing being able to play shows where people can sing back the words to you… it’s a bit of a dream come true.

Finally, what else is on the horizon for you guys?
We’re so excited for our headline tour in the UK this September, and then we’re off to Europe in October too… then probably even more touring to come! We’ll be keeping busy – but enjoying every minute of it.

Catch Honeyblood at Bungalows and Bears on September 17 in a free show. See for more.

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