Eden Haze Interview

Eden Haze are an up-and-coming Sheffield alternative rock band. Formed earlier this year, the three-piece have already released an online EP, played The Redhouse at Tramlines and the 02 Academy earlier this year. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Jenny Staniforth, lead guitarist Chris Thompson and Liam Short on the drums. We spoke to them during a recording session at DC Studios about their sound and future plans.

How did you come up with the name Eden Haze?
Jenny: My favourite girls name is Eden and we were just trying to find something that would go with that.
Chris: You had a band called Velvet Sky but you thought it made you sound like a porn star.
Jenny: Ah yes! Velvet Sky, that was a long time ago. We were thinking about it for ages as we wanted something that sounded earthy and then you’ve got Eden, which is like the Garden of Eden, and then we just needed another word to go with it.

How did you guys get together?
Jenny: I got started with the project a year ago and got in contact with a guy who wanted to do some recording with me. I’ve known Liam since I was a kid and we got Chris involved because you’re a good guitarist and we used to be in a band before.
Chris: … A fantastic band
Jenny: Debatable (laughs) and we just formed it from that. I wrote the songs originally as piano songs with our producer, so then we got Chris in on guitar and then Liam and then our bassist came around that time too.
Jenny: The songs were already written by me and then as a band we just put our own twist on them.
Chris: They’ve evolved over time, and we are taking it as it comes.

How would you describe your sound and what are your main influences?
Jenny: I don’t really know what genre we are – ambient rock is how I’d like to put it. I like the sound of London Grammar and I really like PVRIS. I like Portishead, too, as they are another main influence.
Chris: If you were going to recommend us to someone I’d say we sound the most like London Grammar.
Liam: I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I think we’re pretty unique.

You guys played Tramlines this year what other big gigs around Sheffield have you had?
Jenny: We headlined the 02 – that was really cool. We haven’t really had masses of gigs, but that’s because we have taken it slowly. We have had some progress with band members; unfortunately our bassist had to leave so that put us back a bit. We are trying to up our game now, practice a lot more
Chris: The early days of the band were just spent recording.

What’s been the main reaction to your EP ‘Storm’?
Jenny:It’s been positive; we haven’t really had any negative comments.
Chris: I read a YouTube comment which asked when we were going to release our album.

Sheffield has such a big music scene, so what do you think makes you guys stand out from everyone else?
Jenny: There’s not really a similar sound in Sheffield. There is a lot of metal, a lot of heavy a lot of indie, and we lay somewhere in the middle.

What are the plans for the future?
Jenny: Get our album out!
Liam: Possibly a new EP first.

You can check out Eden Haze’s upcoming gigs on their Facebook page and hear their EP storm on Soundcloud:

Words: Alex Thompson

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