Chas and Dave

Exposed meets one half of ‘rockney’ duo Chas and Dave.

Chas and Dave will be heading over to the Winding Wheel Theatre on Saturday April 11, as part of a UK tour of their hit album That’s What Happens. We caught up with one half of the double act to find out how it feels to be back, what their new material will be like and whether they really are snooker loopy…

So Chas you’ll be heading back on the road soon, how does it feel to be back?
Well we’re sort of on the road all of the time, we just creep back; we’re not like other bands you know.

How was the opening of the tour, did it feel odd?
Erm, I can’t exactly remember where we first played on the tour but what I do know is that we got a great response and it’s definitely one of the best years ever, I mean we sold out the Albert Hall and closed the Royal Variety, what can be better than that?

You’ll be performing with Dave at the Winding Wheel Theatre in Chesterfield on Saturday 11th April, are you familiar with these parts at all?
We’ve played a few times in Chesterfield, yeah, it’s a great little town, we’ve played near the Market Square a couple of times but I don’t think we’ve ever played at The Winding Wheel before so that’ll be a good experience.

We tend to get pretty into it here in Sheff with the world championships just around the corner so can I ask, are you actually snooker loopy?
No I’m not… I mean it’s alright; we just did for all the snooker players out there.

What’s your favourite thing about performing?
I’ve been doing live performances since I was at school – it’s part of my life. We’ll be around forever, I love it. My favourite thing is just to perform and be honest.

What’s the best venue or place you’ve ever played?
Well there’s always new things happening and new venues being built, but one of the best places I’ve been to is Glastonbury and headlining The Albert Hall for me was a great highlight.

That must have been pretty spectacular! Are you planning on any more new releases?
The new album came out a few months ago that you can go and check out the details on our website. I mean, we’ve got some ideas but there’s nothing planned.

Do you find the music industry has changed a lot since you first started?
Nobody knows what a single is anymore, technology has changed everything, it’s a shame because the music isn’t visually physical as it used to be.

What are your fans like? Do you have many new fans since you’ve brought this album out?
We get new and younger fans all the time, it’s absolutely great. I’m on Twitter at the moment and I always get replies at how much they like our music, it’s fantastic. Our music is honest, not pretentious and it’s great that younger fans appreciate that.


Chas and Dave will be at The Winding Wheel theatre in Chesterfield on April 11th. Tickets are £23.50, and available here.

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