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Tramlines Times Interview with Bang Bang Romeo ahead of the festival.

Described by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens as ‘one of the most exciting new bands in the country’, Bang Bang Romeo are a classy, 60’s inspired rock and roll outfit from South Yorkshire. Joe Food caught up with guitarist, Joel, to get the lowdown ahead of their slot at Tramlines Festival.

Hello Joel. What have BBR been up to recently?
We’ve been busy! We recently won the Jack Daniels Roots battle of the bands competition, which gave us the chance to go work with the producer, Tony Platt, who’s worked with acts such as AC/DC and Bob Marley. We’ve been with working with him on recording our next single, Revolver.

Sounds great. That must have been an awesome experience?
It was an incredible experience. We were recording in Liverpool at Parr Street Studios – where bands such as The Coral and Coldplay have recorded before. It was a bit nerve-wracking but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Your sound has previously been compared to something from a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack – but BBC Introducing recently claimed that your latest single sounded more like a James Bond theme song. So, I guess the big question is… Bond or Tarantino?
Ah, it has to be Tarantino for me. But I think that will be a unanimous decision across the band. Our songs Johannesburg and Carnival were inspired in part by Django Unchained – it’s my favourite film. However, if Daniel Craig is reading this, I’d like him to know that we’d be well up for getting involved with a Bond film!


Yes. I‘m sure he’s at Tramlines this year! Anyway, moving on… you’ve had some interesting gigs over the last month – specifically at Sheffield Peace Gardens for the Tour de France Grand Départ. How was that?
That was brilliant. Since we’re local, it means a lot playing events which celebrate Yorkshire and Sheffield. We always love playing to a Sheffield audience and that gig was no exception.

That moves us nicely onto Tramlines 2014. How are you feeling about the weekend?
We can’t wait! We’ll be playing the Frog & Parrot on the Friday evening, and then we’re on the University Campus Barnsley Busker Bus at 6pm on the Saturday, followed by an evening gig at The Rocking Chair. We’re also very proud to announce that we’ll be playing a live BBC Introducing Session at 8pm on the Saturday, which will be aired live from Sheffield’s Maida Vale. Tramlines is always a busy one but we love every minute.

What tracks tend to go down well at live gigs?
Our latest track, Revolver, is getting a lot of love recently. However, we’ve recently noticed that the stripped back songs such as Johannesburg and Adore Me have had a huge impact on the crowd; we’ve had grown men crying before!

Is there anybody in particular you are looking forward to seeing at Tramlines?
Ah, there’s so many! Erm, off the top of my head I’ll go for The Cribs and Jolta – they’ll be great to see.

Ok, so let’s pretend that you’ve been given the chance to organise your own dream music festival. I’d like to know who’d be on the bill?
Well, I’m a bit of an old purist, so I’d have to go for Fleetwood Mac first of all – following that, I’d make sure Led Zeppelin were playing; I’d also throw in the Smashing Pumpkins. Am I allowed to put ourselves in? Well I am, because there’s no chance we’d miss out on playing that bill! Finally, I’d see if we could get Tarantino himself up on the stage ­ – maybe speaking over one of our tracks – I think he’d like that.


Catch Bang Bang Romeo at the Frog and Parrot on Friday, The Rocking Chair and Maida Vale on Saturday. Full details at
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