Music HubTalks

Music HubTalks

The Met Hotel in Leeds will be the go-to place for music industry professionals come September 6 as it holds Music HubTalks – a conference aimed at highlighting the current trends in the market and serving as a networking ground for attendees.

There will also be talks from a number of experts in the industry such as former frontman of ‘A’ Jason Perry, Jon Skinner and Laura Wescott; CEOs of Music Gateway and Soundcheque respectively and former president of Virgin Records, Paul Conroy.

Creative Industry Hub has held a number of previous initiatives down south such as Strictly Come Networking, a chain of events in London but Music HubTalks will be their first up top.

Founder and Director of Creative Industry Hub George Taylor said: “I used to have a lot of attendees from the North. I frequently received emails from professionals in the North so I’m hoping this initiative will improve people’s careers, businesses and knowledge and be equally as successful as shows I’ve held in the South.”

Early bird tickets are £25. To purchase tickets or for more information visit

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