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Plans in pipe-works for new series of musical and cultural events in Sheffield

Something new is quietly buzzing in Sheffield.

A new organisation called The Music City Foundation plans hold a programme of musical and cultural events in numerous venues across the city– from The Wicker to the City Centre, over to Bramall Lane and London Road – under the name ‘Sanctuary Way’ among other plans.

If you haven’t heard about the Foundation before, they’re an organisation aiming to promote and support the Sheffield music economy and build a buzzing music scene that supports up-and-coming artists and bands and – as they say on their official Facebook page – ‘to promote music as a cohesive force in the Republic of South Yorkshire’.

They have also partnered up with local communities, education groups and musical organisations to organise these events with not only the music scene in mind but Sheffield’s whole cultural heritage, The ‘Sanctuary Way’ events will aim to highlight Sheffield’s status as the UK’s first ‘City of Sanctuary’, providing safety to refugees and asylum seekers.

On board with The Music Foundation are classical musician Tolga Kashif,  Level 42’s John Thirkell – trumpet, flugelhorn and pop, jazz and pop recorder who has worked with music heavyweights Jamiroquai, George Michael and Grace Jones – and ex-Beautiful South manager Philip Cass. Quite the selection, eh?

Music City Foundation say their priority is to energise Sheffield’s musical economy, as a non-profit organisation. Not much more is known yet about what events are to come so keep your eyes peeled!

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