Mac Sabbath @ Corporation

Review of Mac Sabbath at Corporation

Hailed as the kings of Drive Thru Metal, the mighty Mac Sabbath hit Sheffield in the second of a series of UK shows to accommodate their Download debut. The night saw support of local talent Cadavers and The XXX Girls, providing a curiously entertaining evening of fast food and rock & roll.

Kicking things off with a bang, local boys Cadavers packed a pulse-raising set of brisk post-punk. The initial novelty was soon to dwindle as crowd interaction felt a little forced and the in-house mix sounded dull and lacked clarity. The band remained energetic throughout with guitarist Rob tearing off his shirt and later positioning his mic in the middle of the floor to get up close and personal with the fast-expanding crowd.

Hard rock duo XXX Girls were next to take the stage, showcasing their downright bizarre approach to music. The band appeared popular with locals and successfully initiated sing-alongs with the vast number of hits they unleashed. The pair, however, sounded one-dimensional for a two-piece and poorly executed their unexpected cover of 90s pop hit ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’.


As the curtains fell and smoke gushed onto a blackened stage, headliners Mac Sabbath entered to an eerily sinister rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Bring in the Clowns’. Continuing the creepy vibe, vocalist Ronald Osborne paced back and fourth with a brimming bucket of what was believed to be vomit, teasing the audience as he threatened to smoother them in its contents. Unsurprisingly, the evening wasn’t short of fast food jokes, as Osborne took every opportunity to deliver a ton of cringe-inducingly awkward jokes. The set saw many re-worked versions of Sabbath classics, such as ‘Iron Man’ in the form of ‘ Frying Pan’ and ‘Paranoid’ as ‘Pair-a-buns’. For the most part these songs were executed well, recreating the raw energy of the originals and with the Californian vocalist pulling off a convincing Brummie accent.

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