Lonely The Brave

Lonely The Brave @ The Foundry

As it was a Sunday it felt a bit empty at the Foundry ahead of the Lonely The Brave gig last week, however as soon as the Cambridge five peice came on the room began to fill up and the music made up for any gaps in the crowd. Unfortunately though we still managed to get lumbered with the gig wanker right next to us. You know, the one that’s had too many chardonnays and thinks he is a proper LAD for shouting out the song he wants to hear and how much he loves the band in between songs. Just unneccessary.

One of my favourite bands, their stage presence is slightly unusual as lead singer David Jakes has serious anxiety; he rarely looks at the audience. His voice is absolutely gorgeous though, and his vocals tonight remain spot on.  Any silence is filled by guitarist Mark, who seems to do most of the chatting to the audience, making it feel a bit like there are two front men, or certainly no clear one.

This gig comes in the wake of the release of the new album Things Will Matter, which was actually recorded here in Sheffield. They played a few new ones off the album like ‘dust and bones’ and ‘diamond days’ as well as some off their last album The Day’s War, including my favourite song ‘Trick of the light’ and the super moody ‘The Blue and the Green’.

It’s a testament to how impressive LTB are that my friend Kelli who came with me had never heard of them (and I get the vibe she is a bit of a music snob!) yet she kept saying how much she enjoyed it and how she wants to see them again ASAP – so it’s not just me being fangirl, promise.

Lisa Pullen

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