We Are Scientists – Helter Seltzer

They’re back and no mistake. Just a few listens to this album will have you in little doubt that power pop is back in town – if indeed it ever went away – and We Are Scientists are at the controls. Their mid-noughties compadres seem to have gradually fallen by the wayside. Where are Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers when you need them? All the better to rock you with, my dear, they say, as the coast is now clear for the Scientists to storm their way through an album of ludicrously catchy and well-played tracks. It’s only their fifth studio album since 2002, so perhaps their longevity has something to do with only releasing and recording when they’re good and ready. They’re about to return to the summer festival scene, which for me brings back memories of their triumphant headline performance at Tramlines a few years back. Songs from this new collection such as ‘Hold On’ and the opener ‘Buckle’ easily hold up to their hits from the past, and they look set to make a triumphant return to the UK live circuit. They were never quite the poster boys back in the day, but, like a fine wine that they laid down a few years ago, they can now serve up some tasty and well-rounded flavours, which all adds up to an intoxicating heady mix [Please stop with the wine analogies. Ed].

MP 7/10

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