Kano @ Plug

It doesn’t feel like all that long ago a young Kano was sat on a beach mid-DMC with Mike Skinner in ‘Nite Nite’ or terrorising door staff in ‘Typical Me’; however 2016 marks eleven years since the the grime innovator’s debut Home Sweet Home hit the shelves. Feel old? Yeah, me too.

Arriving onstage baby-faced as ever but now enjoying the status of a respected veteran to go with it, new album favourites ‘Hail’ and ‘New Banger’ kicked off a set attended by a hugely hyped Plug audience. ‘Sheffield is representing tonight, ya know!’ he announced before moving on with a selection of tracks weighted nicely between tracks from Made In The Manor and old classics such as ‘Hustler’ and ‘Mic Check 1, 2’. The frenzied dancing, bouncing and drink-launching continued for most of the night, switching only to a head-bobbing sway during slower songs ‘T-Shirt Weather In The Manor’ and the poignant ‘A Roadman’s Hymn’, both displaying the versatility which has served him so well throughout his career.

In an Exposed interview only a few weeks previous, the East Ham MC promised that ‘Garage Skank’ was guaranteed to blow the roof off at any rave, and if the preceding rendition of ‘P’s & Q’s’ hadn’t already caused structural damage to the venue’s ceiling, then the madness which followed made sure of it.

The grime scene might have experienced an exciting revival recently, with a number of young artists arriving to stake their claim for recognition, but I’d be very surprised if many of them are still shutting down venues a decade later in the same way Kano can.