Jack The Lad

Exposed meets Jack The Lad. Within just a year, up-and-coming rapper Jack The Lad has soared to the heights of Leadmill headline status and made an impressionable impact on the local scene. Earlier this year, Jack released his debut EP ‘Believe’, which saw him pushing the boundaries and trying new things as an artist. We caught up with Jack to discuss his upcoming Sheffield appearances, recent EP and future plans.

How does it feel to be headling the Leadmill this September?

Jack: Massive. It’s been one of my main goals since playing Sheffield to headline the Leadmill, it’s just a great venue and the amount of famous people who have played it is incredible. The show is guaranteed to be a sell out! Theres such a great line up of support artists.

You’re also set to perform at Tramlines on the Saturday, are you a fan of the festival?

Jack: I used to live in Sheffield and I’ve actually never been, mainly because it takes place on a similar time to my birthday. I’m excited to be playing Mc Nige presents at Peace Gardens, as it’s set to be a really diverse bill of acts.

How have you found sourcing shows as an upcoming rap artist?

Jack: I’ve only been playing shows in Sheffield at the moment, but I’m hoping to go on a tour of the UK in the next 12 months.

You recently released a new single “Hit the Road”, what can you tell us about it?

Jack: It’s very different; it’s more of a pop-rap vibe that I wanted to adopt in the chance that I got signed. My older songs took more of a serious vibe, whereas this is more true to my cheeky side. I just wanted to experiment and try something new – fortunately the fans seem to really like it.

Earlier this year you released your debut EP “Believe”, what was the writing and recording process like?

Jack: I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I wanted to make sure there was no filler on the album. It took two years to write all of the songs and overall I was really happy with the result. A lot of albums have just 2 or 3 good songs and the rest filler; I wanted to make sure it was all strong. Each track had their own atmosphere, some took weeks to write whereas others took 5 minutes.

You featured a lot of guest appearances on the EP, what were the collaborations like?

Jack: I did an acoustic cover of Tinnie Tempah’s “Pass Out” with a guitarist called Alex B and it was the first time I had worked with acoustic guitar. It was a really good experience and I would definitely like to feature acoustic guitar in my tracks again in future. I do a lot of the production stuff and it was a good experience mixing acoustic as I’ve never done it before.

How did you feel the record was received?

Jack:  Fans were mainly torn between two songs “Believe In Me” and my charity single “Believe ”. I worked with London rapper Ziey Kizzy and helped write “Believe” for The Connor Medlock Trust.

 What was the experience like writing “Believe in Me” for such a good cause?

Jack: It was a very emotional experience, I didn’t really want to get attached but I did. Along with the single, 5% of profits of my EP went towards Connor’s wish list. It has been a success because Connor has now been able to fulfil everything on his list, including swimming with dolphins and going to Disneyland.

What would you say your next goal is as an artist?

Jack: I would love to support Tinnie Tempah at a venue like The Plug.

What can we expect next from Jack the Lad?

Jack: I have a new album coming called “You Don’t Know Jack” and all new merchandise relating to it. I would also love to go on a UK tour within the next year as well.

Be sure to catch Jack The Lad at Tramlines on the 25th July and at The Leadmill on the 4th September.

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