Interview with Architects

Interview with Architects at Slamdunk Festival. 

Before their killer headline set at the Monster Energy Stage at Slamdunk Festival, we caught up with Architects frontman Sam Carter and bassist Alex Dean to hear all about their Slamdunk set, the success of their latest album Lost Forever Lost Together, and some pretty cool tour stories.

Hi Sam and Alex, how are we doing today?

Sam: Good not too bad thanks!

Alex: Great thank you.

Sam: We were supposed to get here a bit earlier but as classic buses turned up late!

That’s okay fellas, take it you’ve not seen much of Slamdunk so far today then?

Alex: It’s hectic out there! We’ve not managed to catch anything yet.

Any bands you want to catch today?

Sam: I really want to see Stick to Your Guns, but we’re signing at the same time so that’s unfortunate. We also really want to see Deez Nuts because they’re our boys and we love them as well. Bury Tomorrow are playing, so we’ll hopefully be able to catch them.

Alex: I want to watch You Me At Six but we can’t because we’re on at the same time.

Sounds like a pretty busy day! Slamdunk is part of your European tour. How is that going so far?

Sam: It’s been good yeah. We don’t usually have a lot of time to ourselves when we’re touring but we’ve had a little bit of time this tour which has been good. [To Alex] Europe was amazing wasn’t it really?

Alex: It’s been really good yeah. It’s been a really big jump from last time we toured, we kinda’ went from doing the smaller rooms to the bigger rooms, yeah it was really nice.

You’re a band who spends a lot of time on the road; do you have any good tour stories to share with our lovely readers?

Sam: I thought about this yesterday. A really funny tour story we have is when we were in this Travelodge in Leeds, there was a guy on the door, with this really long hair and massive beard. He’d scream “shut up” at us every time we’d walk through the door, so we just left and ignored it. Next day there was a guy who had no hair on his face.

Alex: I was checking us out and I said “thanks for being so polite, the guy who was letting us in yesterday kept screaming at us to shut up.” And… it turned out to be him and he’d just shaved his head and beard off and just had a head transformation overnight. I’d just told him he was a complete arsehole the night before…

Sam: Crazy tour story isn’t it? [laughs]

You’re hitting the festival scene pretty hard this year, what are your three festival essentials?

Sam: Don’t go, stay at home, and whack an iPod dock on! No, no [laughs] Food is always difficult isn’t it? Because you can never really find the right time to go. So pack some lunch. Pain in the arse as well if you’re like us and vegan. Food and water is a definite.

Alex: I don’t really know, I haven’t actually attended a festival in a while…

Sam: Sun cream? It’s so dad, ‘don’t forget your sun lotion!’

I hear ya’ I’ve made the mistake of not taking sun cream to a festival before…

Sam: See! You could have done with me there being your dad.

Alex: The proof is in the pudding.

Your most recent album Lost Forever Lost Together was really successful here in the UK, making it to the UK Top 20. Did you ever expect it to do so well?

Alex: It surprised us because the other ones hadn’t performed quite as well, so it was nice to have a bit of a step-up in terms of its reception and it’s quite cool to get it as high in the charts as it did.

Sam: I think we didn’t expect it as it’s our sixth album, and your sixth album isn’t really the one you expect to do incredibly well. It’s a pretty wild feeling and how it’s continued throughout the year has been great.

So you’re headlining the Monster Stage later today, what can Slamdunk goers expect from an Architects live show?

Sam: It’s been difficult to put together as we’ve just finished the UK run of the tour and we’ve realised that a lot of people who will have seen our UK tour will be coming to Slamdunk Festival. We’re a bit worried as we don’t want people to come and think we’re just playing the same set again. Normally we can do the same sort of set around the world and no one will see you twice so it doesn’t matter. This time we’ve mixed it up a bit.

Alex: We’ve got to make sure it’s not shit… That’s the tricky bit!

Sam: We’re playing a few things that we haven’t played before.

Ooh exciting. What can the Slamdunk crowd do to be a good audience?

Alex: Don’t get your phone out, it sucks. Save your Instagram check for after the show.

Sam: Yeah, save your battery! Just enjoy it, have a laugh. We’re not one of those bands that take ourselves too seriously, so just have fun.

Alex: Don’t be shouting out stuff for us to play, we already have a set planned and we won’t be changing it!

Noted. We’re gonna have a go at some ‘this or that’ questions, how does that sound?

Sam: Great, I love these!

Pikachu or Squirtle?

Sam: Pikachu!

Alex: Squirtle.

Sam: [To Alex] Really? I thought I knew you better…

Alex: Pikachu is a bit commercial for me…

Sam: A few months ago when we were on tour we all got addicted to playing Pokémon, we’d spend like 8-12 hours a day playing it…

Joey or Chadler?

Alex: Chandler

Sam: Joey

Alex: [To Sam] Are we gonna’ be cool after this?

Sam: I hope so. Why Chandler?

Alex: He’s very sarcastic. He’s funny. Joey’s a bit slapstick.

Sam: Well, I like that.

Last one. Slamdunk North or Slamdunk South?

Alex: South

Sam: South

You can’t say that when you’re at Slamdunk North!

Sam: The north is amazing, I love the north, but people like us better in the south… It’s the people of the south’s fault really, they care too much. Maybe for the rest of the day we should say north?

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