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Brighton based Prog Rock band the Moulettes release ‘Preternatural’ at the end of May, and are heading out on tour in a couple of weeks to promote their fourth record. Exposed caught up with lead singer Hannah Miller for a chat about their gig at the Greystones in Sheffield and their most accomplished album to date…

Hi Hannah, the tour starts in a couple of weeks, are you looking forward to it?

Yes! Looking forward to the playing the new songs, it should be really fun. We’ve been playing around with the songs, experimenting with new sounds and samples.

What can you tell us about the new record?

It’s called Preternatural; it’s our fourth record and its out on the 27th May. It’s kind of riffy. The concept of the album is about creatures and the surreal sounds of the animal kingdom. We’re joined by Raevennan on guitar this time round and we’re excited get out on tour!

How did you come up with the concept?

We’ve always been interested in the natural world and generally we are very concerned at how the planet is kind of being destroyed. Our previous albums have had concepts and strong narratives running through them but this is probably the strongest concept we’ve had.

In reviews, I’ve seen you described as an Art Rock and Prog Rock band, how would you describe yourself?

Art Rock works! I like that – we’ve been described as a lot of different things but it depends on the mood of the song. On the new album we try and get into the mind-set of each creature we’re writing about.

Great reviews in Mojo and Guardian, how does that feel?

It’s really nice when people like your music. When we’re writing and recording, we’re kind of in the dark so it’s great to come out that and have people praise the record.

You have been compared to Katie Bush + Pink Floyd before, are you influenced by them?

I suppose there is a bit of both in our music – I think everyone is influenced by Kate Bush in a way. She is truly an alternative music artist – she takes stories that aren’t necessarily her own and make them real. There’s real empathy in her songs. Pink Floyd are the biggest Prog Rock band ever so they definitely influence us in that respect.

Most members are multi-instrumentalists; does that contribute to a good live show?

Well…we have lots of gear! It keeps us very busy too! The music is quite complex and it’s an evolving process with all the new instruments and samples we’re bringing with us.

I really like the lyric ‘’we could talk the back legs of the horses…’’ on Songbird, do you have a favourite lyric?

Ah that’s a tough one. From the new album, I like the lyrics on Pufferfish Love because I wrote them quite quickly and it was a really easy one. Parasite on the other hand took a bit longer actually, that one was quite tough!

The harmonies are quite a prevalent feature of the band.

I love vocal harmonies; I think they’re so pleasurable. We have three part vocal harmonies and they make the songs sound really sweet and complete.

Do you have a festival tip for this year? Which is your favourite?

We’re spending five weeks in Canada doing some festivals which will be fun. But in terms of festivals back home, I really enjoyed Boomtown last year. Glastonbury obviously, Green Man has a great line-up and I’ve heard good things about Womad!

You have played the Greystones in Sheffield before, how was it?

I actually loved that gig! I remember the audience having such a good vibe, and I’ve got high hopes for our gig there in May. We’ve got some great supports with us for Sheffield: Sam Walker and a guy called Marcus Bonfanti who is a really cool blues guitarist!

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