Interview: Kid Blu3

Ahead of an upcoming performance at Tramlines Festival, Iago Castro Charlón caught up with up-and-coming Sheffield rapper and hip-hop artist Kid Blu3.

It’s been a big year for you on the Sheffield music scene. How are you finding things at the moment?

I feel good about my career so far. I’d say it’s a very hungry scene. I guess it’s very, very hard to try and get to the top, but there are those who do succeed, so it’s just really a challenge. It’s like a competition type of thing.

Does being from Sheffield influence your music at all, and could we be expecting a debut album any time soon?

I suppose just hearing the sounds of different upcoming artists and trying to blend different sounds together. I’m very, very excited for people to hear my upcoming Tramlines set. In terms of a debut album, that’s to come!

Kid Blu3

You’ve had some interesting shows recently, including performing for a TEDx event based in Doncaster. That’s an interesting gig! Can you tell us a bit about that experience?

TEDx was a very interesting event because I met different people from all over the world. And I enjoyed how different it was to perform on a different type of stage because you have to stay within the carpeted area, and the crowd was obviously a bit different as well. But it was very interesting experience and I enjoyed it.

Obviously, Tramlines is the biggie coming up in July, but what else is on the agenda this year?

I’m planning more gigs. I also run my own events as well, which are like a showcase for upcoming artists from the ages of 14 to 25, so I’ve working on those recently. I’ve recently been working on an indoor festival for Tramlines; we got given some money, and I worked on that that with some other people, the Element Society here in Sheffield. In terms of gigs, I’m performing in Manchester on 27th June as part of a young artist showcase, and then I’ll be performing in Sheffield on 1st July. There’s another Sheffield show on 15th July at Riverside Sheffield, and then there’s the Library Stage at Tramlines on 22nd July.

Nice and busy! As a last question, feel free leave a message of your choosing for our readers.

If you’re an upcoming artist, or you’re trying to get into the music scene, make sure you keep your circle small and think logically. Think smarter, not harder. And if you want to follow my Instagram, it’s @kid_blu3e.

Catch Kid Blu3 playing The Library Stage at Tramlines Festival on Saturday 22nd July, where the artist will be joined by a plethora of local talent across the weekend.

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