Interview: Honeyblood

After the success of their eponymous debut LP, Scottish crunch pop duo Honeyblood have fired up the amps, waved goodbye to any inhibitions and exploded back onto the scene with their fiery follow-up record Babes Never Die. Lead singer Stina Tweedale talked us through the new album.

 On the album title  
“It’s open to interpretation, but for me it’s a personal thing. It’s quite a random phrase and something I used to say to friends. I actually have it tattooed on me. That said, I literally have no idea where I came across it; I probably just made it up. It’s something of a mantra, I suppose, as I think it’s a powerful statement that has just morphed in meaning.

Recording the album
We had pretty much 12 days to record the whole thing; Cat only had two days to do the drums as she had double-booked with a pantomime she was performing in! There’s a lot of pressure, but I guess it helps us to capture the live, raw energy that is really important to our sound as a band.

Political influences
“After the [Scottish independence] referendum there was a huge political awakening for many people in Scotland, but in a positive way, as it got people into politics and forming opinions. Then there was Brexit and that was more like an awakening to a nightmare! It’s part of your daily life so it seeps into your consciousness so there are definitely political undertones to parts of the album. There’s a statistic that shows how the life expectancy differs between the poorest and richest in Scotland, something like rich people in affluent areas living 13 years longer than those in poorer areas. Living in Glasgow and seeing some of the poorer areas on a daily basis, you can’t ignore it and it becomes part of you.”

Being a passionate band
“I’m a passionate person, and I couldn’t think of anything worse than not having an opinion or standing up for what you want. I either love or hate things, there’s no sitting on the fence. Honeyblood is a bit like that too: we come out all guns blazing and make a point.”

The energy of the album
“It’s much more of a rock album. We literally thought to ourselves, ‘let’s write some real headbangers on this one.’ We toured relentlessly for two years and when you do that you want to see big reactions from the audience – we actually have crowdsurfing at Honeyblood gigs now! Cat [drummer who joined in 2014] has brought all of that that though; everything’s heavier, faster and the drums are just epic on this record. She pushes herself to another level and that challenges me to be as good as I can be in return.”

Touring the new music
“I was nervous before rehearsals, but now they’ve gone so well I’m really excited. We’re going to play as much new material as possible and hopefully people will get right on-board with it all. As an artist, it’s a good, exhilarating feeling to be playing new music and sharing new ideas.”

Honeyblood play a free gig at Bungalows and Bears on 28th Sept. Their new album, Babes Never Die, is released on 4th November via Fat Cat Records


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