Interview: Fruit Bomb

Part of the Delicious Clam family, Fruit Bomb are a four piece hailing from both sides of the Pennines, making catchy and energetic music that blurs the lines between garage-pop and punk rock with nods towards the likes of the Ramones and Ty Segall. We caught up with the band to chat about their upcoming show and single released on the same day.

Fruit Bomb, how are things? Name three things you can see from where you are right now.

Ham and cheese sandwich that my mum made me, my dog, and a cup of coffee.

Your new double AA side single ‘IT DON’T MATTER/HAPPY’ is launching on the 26th February, the same day that you are playing Picture House Social in Sheffield, does this mean us Sheffielders are in for a party?                     

Oh yes indeed of course it does. Any more stupid questions? Yes we’re having a big old party and everyone is welcome, we got some great bands in the shape of Weirds, Lost Dawn, and Wedding playing with us and the Delicious Clam alumni dj’ing all night.

With members of the band running Delicious Clam Records, Family Tree Promotions, and playing in Nai Harvest, is this the hardest working band on the planet?           

Probably yeah. We just love sports. Sports sports sports, that’s what we’re about y’know. We are probably the most dedicated and hard-working weed smokers on the planet. And yes we all also manage to maintain our jobs as being full time legends.

Considering your connections to so many different bands, such as Best Friends, and people within the DIY scene, especially in Sheffield and Manchester, does it make for a bit of a family affair when you play hometown shows?

Home town shows (Manchester and Sheffield) are always a bit of a family affair to be honest. It’s kinda like constantly playing at your mum and dad’s wedding – even though you’re not born yet. Not that that’s a bad thing, cos we love our pals (and our mums and dads) and always have a great time. But it’s nice to see new faces at the shows and to be pulling in slightly bigger crowds each time. I don’t think we’ve played a gig anywhere were we haven’t had anyone we know in the crowd so it’s definitely important for us but saying that it’s also nice to see new faces and get as many people involved as possible. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you had to choose, which side of Snake Pass does Fruit Bomb prefer?

We actually prefer the Snake Pass itself to either side. Think of it like a set of dumbbells, all the weight is at either end but it’s the stretch in the middle that’s the essential part holding it all together. We love lifting weights too.

We’d choose to live at the Snake’s Pass Inn right in the middle so we could have the best of both worlds. I think the general consensus is that we just love the Snake Pass. Unreal views.

Three essentials to bring to a Fruit Bomb show?

Weed, Dragon Soop, and your mates. Also if it’s possible an extra guitar lead for Sam to borrow (x3) AND possibly some money to buy merch.

If you could drop an actual fruit bomb on anyone in the world, what would it entail and who would it be on?

Would be great to get Dave Benson Phillips, ‘Get Your Own Back’ style.

Any plans for an album further down the line?

We have plans for a mini album (unless we can get a few more songs together in time) which we hope to start recording at Delicious Clam in the next couple of months. Yeah we definitely think it’s time now to produce a collection of songs after releasing 3 singles. Whether that be an EP, mini album or the whole shebang, so keep your ears peeled.

Catch Fruit Bomb at the Picture House Social on February 26th. Head here for tickets and more info.

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