Interview: Eden Haze

Up-and-coming Sheffield band Eden Haze popped by Exposed HQ for a cuppa and a chat before taking us on a sunny stroll around Kelham Island.

First of all, can you introduce yourself to the Exposed readership with an interesting fact about each member?
Jenny: This is pretty difficult! Oh, actually, I once sang on a While She Sleeps track, which was pretty cool.
Max: I don’t normally share this with anyone but my middle name is Tutan, named after Tutankhamun.
Josh: [Laughs] I don’t think anyone will beat that. Erm, I broke my foot tripping up on a step in Malia.

Perfect. So, tell us about how you started off as Eden Haze?
Jenny: I originally started the band as a solo project a few years back, but I was really missing that band sound. I think it’s always easier when you can bounce of other musicians; you get more input because everyone brings different influences to the table. That’s why I brought these guys in.
Max: Yeah, the timing was perfect. I was looking for a band at the time and Eden Haze were looking for a bass guitarist.

You’ve had some big gigs recently, not to mention a support slot for Lonely The Brave, and you still have plenty more shows lined up. Things really seem to be taking off.
Max: Yeah, we are buzzing. To get on the support bill for Lonely the Brave is insane.
Jenny: I’m really looking forward to getting the band out of Sheffield. We’re going to be touring all over the UK – we’re even playing at Cleethorpes in December!
Josh: And not forgetting our Halloween Takeover at Plug. We love Halloween so that should be pretty special night.

Eden Haze started out as ‘ambient rock’. How would you describe your sound today?
Jenny: We are far from ambient rock now.
Josh: Yeah, I’d probably brand us as alternative, but even then I don’t think that does us justice.
Jenny: It’s a difficult one because we don’t really have a specific genre, but that’s a good thing in that we can get away with playing with heavier bands but we also fit in well alongside indie bands at shows.


Who are your musical influences?
Max: I think we’re all a bit different, which is obviously a good thing. My background is very much rooted in very heavy music. But currently I’d say the 1975.
Jenny: Heavy?
Max: Well, they’re my less heavy influence then. When it comes to writing music for Eden Haze, there’s definitely a big Wolf Alice vibe.
Jenny: If you’re talking favourite bands, mine’s Brand New. They’re incredible.
Josh: When it comes to writing the heavier stuff, I tend to look at bands like Basement, Citizen and Superheaven for inspiration.

And you recently signed to the Northern Crossroads management label, so you’ve now got that platform to really kick on.
Jenny: Definitely. It’s really helpful because it takes a lot of the time-consuming worries – trying to get gigs, booking tours, etc. – from your mind and allows you to just focus solely on the music. So, yeah, it’s a really positive thing for a young band to have that support.

So what can we expect from you guys in the near-future?
Max: We just want to keep writing but hopefully we will bring an album out fairly soon.

Ooh, exciting! More details please?
Jenny: Yeah, nothing’s set in stone yet. We want it to be perfect, so whether it’s a six-track EP or a twelve-track album will all depend on how we feel about the music we are producing. We’re just going to start writing and see where it takes us, I think.
Josh: Saying that though, we are definitely a lot more comfortable with what we are writing now so we are building up a nice catalogue of tracks. Watch this space.

Words: Stevie Birchall

Catch Eden Haze at Plug on October 28th. Tickets are £6, see www.the-plug.com for more.


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