Independent Venue Week @ The Harley

The Harley is celebrating Independent Venue Week on Jan 23rd by hosting an insightful talk on the music industry before a gig from two local favourites. 

Starting at 4pm, they’ve have teamed up with PRS for Music and PPL to present their exclusive ‘music and business’ panel aimed at educating breaking musicians. Professionals from both companies will share their insights on the business side of the industry to help up-and-coming acts gain valuable knowledge in developing a career.

Later in the evening, from 7:30PM, the venue will welcome to the stage Blood Sport, a soundclash of high energy electronics, afro-beat drums and guitar. Joining them will be Chesterfield’s TRASH with their brand of noisy dream pop, described as ‘surf music for people who’ve never been to the sea’. This show is free to anyone who attended the panel before.

Grab tickets here. 

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