Exposed has passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, then walked all the way through the Lincoln Tunnel before ending up at the new and improved Sleigh Bar at the top of Fargate. Joining us are December’s In Session stars, Polkadodge. The lads have gone from strength to strength over the last year – from supporting the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and Little Comets, to swiftly selling out a gig at The Rocking Chair even before some of their folks could get tickets.

Everybody got a mulled wine, yeah? Cool. What tracks will you be performing for this month’s Exposed In Session?
John: First up, we have Fever, which is a new(ish) song of ours. We can’t wait to get it recorded.
Martin: It’s probably our most upbeat song to date. We tend to use it to open our gigs.
John: Basically, it’s a short and snappy song which only lasts about two and a half minutes – but sums up what we usually aim for in a song: a punchy and catchy sound.

Great stuff. Now it’s time for the question that everyone has been waiting for… what Christmas cover will you playing for us?
John: Originally, we tried to do a medley of five Christmas songs. As we were playing through, we realised that one sounded much better than the rest, so we decided to just do that one in the full. I’ll let Paul announce which one we’ve chosen to cover.
Paul: Lonely This Christmas by Mud.


A classic! That’s a Stellar choice indeed, chaps. And if that isn’t exciting enough, you’ve got a sold out gig at The Rocking Chair to look forward to. Excited?
Tom: Yeah, we always look forward to our gigs – especially the sold out ones. We still get very giddy before going on stage and, most of all, we love playing live. We were asked to support the Little Comets at The Leadmill the other week on the same day as the gig – it was a mad rush but we were so happy to get involved.
Martin: Little Comets thanked us before the last song. It was great to hear that they thought we’d smashed it. At the end of the day, they could have picked any local band for that support slot and it would have been snapped up – so it was nice to get the call.
John: We also supported Catfish and The Bottlemen last year and that was another great experience. It’s nice that we’re now getting opportunities to do our own headline gigs – you want to show progression as a band. My dad didn’t even manage to get a ticket for The Rocking Chair gig!

No way! Surely you can sneak him through the back door or distract the bouncer?
John: It’s fine. I’m confident we’ll manage to get him in somehow!

Have the band got any more plans over the festive period?
Tom: Yeah, we’re keeping quite busy with a couple of dates. I suppose it could be quite easy slack off over Christmas… with all the mince pies and beer.
John: Yeah, so we’re doing gigs at The Leopard in Doncaster on the 13th, then we’ve got a gig at Milo’s bar in Leeds. We’ve also managed to get a bit of recording time sorted, which is something to look forward to. We’ve chosen a few tracks to work with and hopefully they’ll come to life once we’re in the studio.
Martin: In terms of next year, we’re aiming to get a few festivals sorted. Obviously Tramlines is great to play, but we’d like to maybe branch out a bit and take a look at other festivals.
John: We were absolutely gutted last year when our stage at Hop Farm was pulled. Hopefully we’ll be able to find something which suits us for next year.

Do you mind if we briefly side-track and get stuck into some Chrimbo-themed questions?
John: Go for it. We’re in the Sleigh Bar after all.

Nice. So if Santa could bring you a little present in the form of another band member – bear in mind that this could be anybody at all – who would you pick?
John: How about Richard Madeley? Would that work?
*Band all nod in agreement*

Erm, yeah, I guess so. Why not?
John: If we put Richard on the mic to spit some rhymes, I think he’d just be incredibly anti-PC and get himself into trouble with the newspapers. It could be interesting…

2B0A0817Yup. That’s a strange one. Anyone else?

Tom: How can I top Richard Madeley? I was going to go for a bit of brass and get the late Clarence Clemons involved.
*John rolls his eyes*
Tom: You’re telling me that you wouldn’t appreciate a bit of sax on one of our tracks, John?
Martin: I’d get a producer that knows so much about music and technology he could just sort us anything we wanted. That would be awesome.

Paul, I can see that you’re in deep contemplation…
Paul: To be honest, I wouldn’t want anyone that would interfere with our music too much. How about Bez? He’d be a good addition, I reckon?
John: But Richard Madeley could be our Bez!
Tom: What about someone stupid like Skrillex – just throw it in there and see what happens.

It could be beautiful, but it’ll more than likely be terrible. Anyhoo, who’s the most likely to scoff the mince pies?
John: Tom.
Paul: Just because I’m the least skinny person in the band?
John: Yes.

Most likely to drink all of the mulled wine?
Paul: Me.
*Nods of agreement*
Paul: I want to buy one now but I haven’t got enough money.

Ah, mate, I’ll get you one. Before I go to the bar, who’s the most likely to burn the turkey?
Tom: That’s John. He’s by far the clumsiest of the bunch.
John: Nah! I’m pretty good in the kitchen nowadays.
Tom: He made one lasagne last week and now he’s Ainsley Harriott…
Martin: Was it Paul who fell asleep whilst cooking a pizza and nearly burnt the house down?
Paul: That only happened once…


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