Emily Jane Stancer

Masters, distinguished readers, my lords, ladies and gentlemen. Please be seated as we introduce to you this month’s In Session feature.

We’re at The Bishops’ House in Meersbrook Park, which dates back to the end of the 15thcentury, making it older than the city of Sheffield, Manor Castle and Bruce Forsyth, to boot.

With a historic setting in place, the task was set to find a sound which suited the backdrop; we wanted music which could transcend the years and compliment the rustic interior of the house.

Thankfully, we managed to find a perfect match in the music of Emily Jane Stancer – a young acoustic artist currently plying her trade around the Steel City – and a local butchers’, as we touch on later. Showing the true character of a hard-working muso, Emily shrugged off a nasty cold and agreed to meet up – hanky firmly in pocket – for a natter about the upcoming recording and, well, pretty much everything else.

Hi Emily! What tracks will you be performing for us in this month’s Exposed in Session recording?
I’ve not decided on two yet! But I know I’ll definitely be performing a song of mine called ‘Ceri’s Song’.

One will do for now! Could you tell us a bit about the song?
It’s a bit of a funny one. Basically, me and my friend, Ceri, were both heartbroken at the same time – so I decided to write a song for us both.

Emily Stancer-5

Ah, dear. Teenage heartbreak?
It was a bit more recent than that, actually! It’s just a song which I suppose aims to reassure that everything will be alright in the long run. And, thankfully, it did turn out ok!

Good to hear! How did you first get into playing music?
I started off by busking around the town centre. I later decided to give live gigs a go and, after a few knockbacks, I was given the chance to support Artery at the 02 Academy in 2010.

Wow! That must have been a pretty scary first gig experience?
It was. I think they were after someone who could change over quickly before they came on – so an acoustic artist fitted the bill. At the time I only really knew covers; but after hours of practice I managed to slip an original song into the set list.

That’s pretty impressive, considering that a lot of people usually get something like a twenty minute slot in the local boozer for their first gig.
To be honest, I think it was good to be thrown in at the deep end for the first gig – I’ve not felt nervous at a gig since!

I’ve also heard along the grapevine that you work part time at a local butchers’?
I certainly do – John Crawshaw’s in Hillsborough. I can’t complain because dinner hours are awesome when you work at a butchers shop.

I can imagine it’s pork sarnie heaven. But now we’ve established that, I think it’s naturally time to list our favourite meat related songs. I’ll start us off with ‘Pork and Beans’ by Weezer. Yours?
Oh no! I genuinely can’t think of any meat related songs off the top of my head.

I reckon ‘Meat is Murder’ by The Smiths also gets an honourable mention. I suppose, if you make it big, Morrissey is off the list of potential music collaborations given your professional past. Ever thought about that?
To be honest, I can’t say I’ve ever lost any sleep over it! People told me that working in a butchers’ will turn me into a vegetarian, but it’s had the opposite effect.

Since we’ll be filming and recording your performance inside a venue that’s been around since the 15th century, let’s keep the historic vibe going. So, if you could choose any bygone era to live in, which would you choose and why?
It will sound rubbish because it’s a fairly recent era, but I’d probably go for the 80s. The main reason being that I’d loved to have seen Madonna play live back then! I always watch ‘In Bed with Madonna’, which is a film of her touring in the 80s. She was incredible back then.

Quick-fire history question: favourite historical figure and why?
I might struggle with this because I hated history back at school. *Racks brains* Actually, can I have Buddha?  I read into Buddhism quite a lot and it really appeals to me. Is that an ok choice?

Emily Stancer-1Mate, Buddha is fine. So, any exciting plans on the horizon?

I’ve recently recorded a demo with Paul Tuffs, and now I’m thinking of doing a proper production of ‘Ceri’s Song’ – maybe with a band behind it. I’ve got a few gigs coming up – there’s one at The Rocking Chair on October 30th which I’m really excited about. Other than that, I’d really like to get a girl band together, but it’s proving difficult to get all of the members together. I’ve been hugely influenced by Haim this year – I think they’ve been incredible.

Time for another quick-fire question: who would join you in your dream girl band?
That’s easy! I’d choose Madonna and Marina Diamandis. I have no idea what we’d call the band, but it would be pretty awesome.

‘The Pretty Awesomes’ – could that work? Anyhoo, with Halloween just around the corner, let’s talk about terrifying gigs; like, Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga on stage together would be too creepy for words. What gig line-up would freak you out?
Oh, I’ll tell you who freaks me out – Pete Burns. I think seeing him play live would be a bit freaky. Oh, and I know she’s not a musician, but Janet Street-Porter is pretty scary, too. Like, if she was doing a spoken word performance as the support act, I’d probably leave.

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