Girl Friend @ Picture House Social

Review of Manchester quartet Girl Friend at The Picture House Social, Sheffield.

Manchester four piece Girl Friend were the very epitome of ’80s glitter pop when they played at the Picture House on Friday night. The Ballroom was filled with what androgynous lead singer Amory Neish-Melling is calling, ‘International Cosmopolitan Art Rock’.

Emulating a Roxy music aesthetic with their co-ordinating glittery ensembles and lashings of eye-liner, the band shimmied through songs from their latest EP, Everyone Wants To Be Wanted. Indeed.
Neish-Melling’s siren-like sister Eleanor was mesmerising on backing vocals, with a falsetto that could shatter disco balls.


Sam Dabrowski on drums hammered out crisp beats reminiscent of Duran Duran circa ‘The Reflex’. Jake Ward meanwhile, in his “Man from Uncle” get-up, diligently took charge of the keys, guitar and backing vocals.
Girl Friend have been told they have an air of the Stone Roses, in the strength of their material and with tunes such as ‘Monte Carlo’, I can see why.


Currently on tour, having visited Glasgow and Newcastle prior to Sheffield, Girl Friend’s groupies don’t get much rest between gigs. Which is probably why the group are currently without erm… girlfriends.
“Hangers on?” smiles Amory, his red wine rider just begging to be quaffed, “Not as much as I’d like.”


Words: Teela Clayton
Photos: Amy Showler

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