Everly Pregnant Brothers

Gig Review: Everly Pregnant Brothers

Words: Laura Mills

Yorkshire’s merriest musicians, Everly Pregnant Brothers, took over The Leadmill on Saturday night – and it was a blast from start to finish!

The band took to the stage, and once I’d countered how bloody many of them there were, the guys kicked off their Sheffield set with the beautifully named ‘Fat Twat’. This Everly Pregnant Brothers ‘take’ is a parody of the song ‘Love Cats’ by The Cure; the crowd sang along but the classic Everly Pregnant Brothers’ style meant it evoked more laughter than singing.

Next up for the sake of ridicule, we head to Rotherham (not literally, errr). They burst into one of their most popular tracks a parody of the late, great Amy Winehouse with the recurring lyrics of “They tried to make me go to Rovrum and I went – no, no, no”. But the lads had different ideas on Saturday and encouraged us all to sing “They tried to make me go to Leeds and I went – FUCK OFF” four times. I can solemnly swear, hand on heart, that I only enjoyed it a little bit.

Our special guest of the evening another South Yorkshire sweetheart, Laura McClure from Reverend and the Makers, who joined the band up on stage to sing ‘Dunt Tha Want Mi’. This song is originally by The Human League, also from Sheffield of course, but this version has a little extra Yorkshire twang getting every single fan in the room singing along.

‘Stuck in the Lidl with You’ and ‘Chip Pan’ were hot on their heels. These two tracks are the band’s most renounced tracks, receiving a warm welcome and a sweet goodbye from the crowd.

Although there is a heavy element of ‘it’s all fun and games’ with this band, it’s so clear they actually care about the positive impact their music has on the crowd and you can see it’s all from the heart. Talking from the heart is what the singer did, sending a clear message to the crowd “We need to be better as men.”

However, the singer also had a few other things to say: “There’s two kinds of people in this world. There’s nice people, and there’s c**nts.” You can’t argue with that.

They closed their Sheffield set with ‘No Oven No Pie’. Bob Marley would have loved it.

Everly Pregnant Brothers, please never change!

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