Ezra Furman @ The Foundry

This was the first time I’d seen Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends live, despite depending on his album’s musical crutch every time my boiler’s broke, my dog’s gone missing in the park or the toast has fallen butter side down. Needless to say, the luminous performance of his relatable jazzed-up punk and upbeat boop-e-doop-doop band did not disappoint and the sentient glow warmed the crowd’s cockles on a chilly February night. They churned out classics ‘My Zero’ and ‘Lousy Connection’, the gateway drugs to his 21st century doo-wop pop that lure you into his lyrical gingerbread house of kitchen sink dramas, surrounded by a cathartic stream of consciousness that he bridges in an all-inclusive reach to his audience. Familiar with the classics, I was waiting to hear the love-sick Heartbreak Hotel-esque ‘Watch You Go By’, delivered perfectly with a Brian Wilson reference to start as a nod to the contrasting lyric to sound. 5 gold stars for that, for sure. Didn’t make it and want to hear some good news? He’s back later this year. So if you want to see a lyrically honest, modern genius at work – and you’re partial to some bad-ass sax – then book up!

Words and pics by Francesca Scotrick-Boyd of The Teletarts.

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