Gig Review: Dayglow @ Stylus

Words: Laura Mills
Photography: MaggsVisuals // Square One Magazine

Texas really has been the birthplace of so many huge musicians over the past decades. Again, that Texas magic has given us the gift of another great star: Dayglow.

Sloan Struble and his band kicked off show number two of the tour in Leeds with ‘Something’, and it really was something. A track that feels like everything beat is been placed carefully to create the full effect. From experience, the opening track can sometimes be forceful and awakening for the crowd, but this one felt like a great choice to start with, preparing fans Dayglow style as they sway and sing to this wonderful sound being made. Scattered but controlled vocals from Sloan, paired with the crowd singing along to the catchy lyrics, “Time won’t take nothing / Believe me / It’s you that takes the time.

With the most subtle ease, Dayglow transitioned into ‘Medicine’ next. Stylish and sleek.

Next up came the classic “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!” chanting, so much so that we continued to chant until Struble was forced to join in with us. There’s nowt like making an American say ‘York-shire’.

And we both know / The way it’s gunna go.” ‘Hot Rod’, let’s go! This track opens with a twinkling guitar riff that convinces your ears you could be entering a dream. This shimmering instrumental unifying the sound together builds the opening of this track and guides us in, although the beat of the drums is present is not clashing, but it’s prominent enough to get the crowd jumping in time with it. As the chorus kicks in, looking around the crowd I felt this utter feeling of a community that had been created in this room starting with Sloan and ending with us. Every singing mouth belting out ‘And we don’t move/ Like we used to do/ In the same way/ Maybe you’re not such a hot rod.’

Throughout the night one thing felt so present and never faded. This certain distinction was the crowd’s spirit. The show felt so nostalgic for me, for years I haven’t been to a show where everyone knew all of the lyrics as they did here, but Dayglow was different. Somehow the music they make directly captures our youthfulness and immerses us entirely in enjoying their music, dancing like no one’s watching.

“Do you guys have prom?” Struble wanted to know. Yes, we told him. With this, he said “Let’s prom!” and launched into ‘Crying on the Dancefloor’. A song that screams the 80’s and wouldn’t be out of place in a film like Pretty in Pink.

It was definitely obvious Dayglow were enjoying their time up north, reminding us throughout “You guys are nuts!” to which we responded “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!” again.

Each fan had just about given all they had bouncing and bounding around to ‘Can I Call You Tonight?’, finally catching their breath back when suddenly the teasing Texans leapt back on stage to give us an encore of Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ and Tears for Fears ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’.

Dayglow couldn’t have given any more than they did on Thursday night in Leeds, and I can confidently say it was the best live music I’ve witnessed so far.

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