Future Islands @ Plug

Review of Future Islands at Plug, Sheffield.

G-Funk/R&B pair, Chiffon were the support for the night. Much of the sonic space in their set was taken up by overpowering samples and auto-tuned vocals, which stopped working at one point… Two people stood behind a rack of synths didn’t inspire much energy in the audience, and it made Future Islands’ entrance all the more welcome.

After cancelling a show in Sheffield last year, delightfully-named frontman, Samuel T. Herring apologised before launching into a set full of his trademark dancing and vocal playfulness. Let’s be honest: most of the crowd were here to witness him strut his stuff, probably after seeing the band’s performance of Seasons (Waiting on You) on the Late Show with David Letterman which went viral last year.

This band make me think of a modern New Order with more soul, and the fairly plain backdrop created by drums, synth and bass gives Herring space to really go wild. He would explain each song’s lyrics as it started, bringing out a depth and passion for his music that’s notable, and he obviously enjoyed himself, thanking the crowd at every opportunity; I’m sure the sold out Plug audience were left satisfied by a unique performance.

Words: Joe E Allen

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