Frank Carter Leadmill

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes @ The Leadmill

From the ashes of his past with hardcore behemoths Gallows, followed by Soul Rock project Pure Love returns Frank Carter, this time along with his Rattlesnakes.

Adamant that third time’s a charm, Carter opens with ‘Primary Explosive’ which works as a tasty little warm up that creates an intense atmosphere out of nothing. It isn’t long before Carter is off stage, into the crowd and stage diving off the bar. Debut track ‘Fangs’ goes down a treat before Carter orders the band to stop after a young fan is injured in a moshing altercation. This kind of impressive crowd control along with his air tight band develops the intense atmosphere into a full blown mental house party-vibe, something dream gigs are made of. Unexpected new track ‘Jackals’ follows and is greeted with a double room circle pit that sees the whole crowd launch themselves around The Leadmill. Complete carnage.

Carter then asks the crowd to take a seat, an unusual request, yet this isn’t a self centered demand; Carter uses this time to stand in the centre of the room, with the crowd using their phone lights to illuminate him against the dark backdrop. Here he sings the alternative slow version of album track ‘Loss’ followed by a heart-breaking stripped back rendition of ‘Beautiful Death’. Here nobody sang even though everyone knew the words (much like every other song on the night) but instead were forced to reflect as everybody couldn’t help but connect with this moment. I’ve never been a part of a crying audience at a Punk gig, and it was truly amazing.

How does he lift the mood? By jumping straight into lead single ‘Juggernaut’ of course! Emotions running high, stage divers galore, Carter continues the barrage of high energy assault anthems before launching the drum kit into the crowd and wrapping things up with blues influenced sing-along ‘I Hate You’.

It may be early days as the band are still only 10 months old, yet this is a new, rawer and more personal incarnation of Carter. Carter and The Rattlesnakes seem to blend the energy of Gallows, the lyrical progression of Pure Love, and then add a new dynamic sound with endless possibilities. This isn’t just another hardcore band yelling about things they don’t like; they take broad subject matter about emotions that everyone feels and display them in in their rawest form.

Tonight Carter brought a level I have never experienced in a show. All emotions were covered to the broadest points within an hour set. Starting over after such success and critical claim is no easy feat, but this is pure Frank Carter, in his element with something to prove. If Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes bring a live show like this with only one album under their belt, imagine how dangerous they could be with two…

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