Franc Cinelli- The Marvel Age

Stepping up to producer duty, Italian born singer-songwriter Franc Cencelli has delivered his most compelling effort to date, embracing the sounds of folk and rock & roll. Cenelli’s husky vocals are incredibly soothing, and beautifully compliment the range of styles toyed with across the the LP.

 While extensively touring the UK back in 2013, Cinelli penned the vast majority of the record’s hits.  This time he made a departure from previous producer Danton Supple and explored the role himself within his own London studio.

 Although The Marvel Age is predominantly a folk record, it also explores new stylistic territory for the acclaimed solo artist. ‘Blindsided’ is a poignantly beautiful piano ballad, meanwhile it’s successor ‘Driver’ is a highly charged 60s blues rock number.

 ‘Breakers’ is a chilling pop-rock track with a chorus that would make the likes of John Mayer jealous. Along with it’s captivating chorus the track is richly paced and exudes a glorious summery vibe.

 However, the record isn’t infallible, as tracks ‘Animals’ and ‘Across The Slipstream’ appear to overstay their welcome despite a strong start. 

 This album is simply the sound of an artist testing his comfort zone and engaging with new forms of experimentation.  Although some of the tracks may feel a little long-winded and repetitive, they are easily atoned for by the record’s sheer amount of classics.


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