Fat White Family are back with a new album

Sheffield’s favourite adopted sons The Fat White Family have announced their comeback with single ‘Feet’, as well as details of the band’s long-awaited third album Serf’s Up!

The album was written and recorded at the band’s own ChampZone Studios in Attercliffe after founding members (and brothers) Lias and Nathan Saoudi made the move to Sheffield from London in 2017 following the release of their second album, Songs For Our Mothers.

Speaking about the new album, Lias said: “I suppose it was almost exactly two years ago that myself and what was left of this band exiled ourselves to Sheffield in search of yet another renaissance, with only our unshakeable dedication to the struggle and a copy of The Commodores’ Nightshift to pull us through.

“Most Londoners never have and never will fully understand the true horrors of a northern winter, what that much grey sky can do to the human heart. We baptised ourselves again and again in her bitter drizzle, feeding on the monotony of it all as if it were the nectar of the elect. And by the side of a rotten canal in a room half the size of a public toilet, armed with a limited equipment budget, our wits and time, we once again set upon revealing the true face of God, measuring out his/her/their glorious countenance in rhyme, meter, groove and melody.

“It is with deep and terrible glee therefore that i can at long last announce the arrival of our 3rd full confession Serfs Up! on April 19th of this very year.”

Serfs Up! is the Fat Whites first album to be released on new record label Domino, which describes the new record as “the most gratifying and unexpected creative volte face in recent musical history” and new single ‘Feet’ as a “triumphant return which perfectly heralds the overwhelming musical scope and ambition of the album”.

Serfs Up! tracklisting:

1.   Feet

2.   I Believe In Something Better

3.   Vagina Dentata

4.   Kim’s Sunsets

5.   Fringe Runner

6.   Oh Sebastian

7.   Tastes Good With The Money

8.   Rock Fishes

9.   When I Leave

10. Bobby’s Boyfriend

Serfs Up! is out on 19 April on Domino Recrods, you can pre-order the CD or vinyl here.

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