Fargo Railroad Co.

Home-grown four piece The Fargo Railroad Co. have quickly established themselves as one of the most promising unsigned acts the city has to offer. The group have landed a headline slot at the Worrall festival and are due to play a marathon of shows over Tramlines. We caught up with the band to discuss their upcoming festival performances, recent single and future plans.

You’re set to headline the Worrall festival this weekend. What surprises do you have in store for your headline slot?

FRC: Chicken suits! (Laughs) We have a few things lined up for the show. We’ll be playing a new song that nobody has heard, apart from us, and we will be selling some new merchandise.

What can you tell us about this new song that you are set to play?

FRC: It’s much more in the vein of desperado. It should be able to make a grown man weep and feel okay with it.

How would you describe one of your live shows?

FRC: Beards, sweating, the occasional heckles (Laughs).  We like to deliver a joyful time and our shows are usually a very collaborative experience between ourselves and the audience.

Your debut track ‘Nightwalkers’ has been receiving strong local airplay and a positive critical reception. Why did you feel that it was the strongest track to represent you as a band?

FRC: We set up a poll on our Facebook page for our Facebook friends to decide which song we should submit to BBC introducing. We all love playing it live. It’s just a great one to play mid-set.


Where did the idea come from to record ‘Sharing The Load’ as a live album?

FRC:  So many great older albums were just recorded on a four track and they have stood the test of time and still sound iconic. There’s no faffing around or fixing mistakes on a live album. It’s a lot more natural and organic.

How does it feel having your first release as a live album?

FRC: I guess it just feels really honest; everything you hear on the album is just what happened. There was no hiding from anything. We recorded the album at Cross Scythes on our 9th gig. It just felt like the right time, people just kept asking “have you got anything recorded yet”?

Do you have any plans to record a studio album in the future?

FRC: I think the natural progression would be to record another live album but we’ve been talking and we think the best thing to do would be to record a studio album. We just don’t want our sound to be compromised in a studio setting as our sound is very raw and energetic.

 You’ve been a band since late 2013. What would you say is your proudest moment?

FRC:  It’s a really difficult question to answer because there is so many to choose between but a few good ones have been the album release show, headling the 02 academy and being support for Will Hoge.

What can we expect next from Fargo Railroad Co?

FRC: We have a marathon prepared for Tramlines Festival, where we play two shows across all three days. We also have a second birthday bash coming up this December and shows with Will Hoge and Warner Hodges with Roaming Son. Then the plan is to get some video recordings and maybe some studio recordings online.

The Fargo Railroad Co. are set to headline the Worrall festival on Saturday 4th July.

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