EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Julia – Take and Leave

Sheffield band Julia are releasing the vid for their debut track, the sublimely atmospheric ‘Take and Leave’, right here on Exposed. We caught up with guitarist Andy Martin for a chat.

How did you guys get together?

It was interest in the same sounds and passion for songcraft that drove it. Mathew (vocalist) was an acoustic artist looking to get a live band together, and it grew from there really.

Who would you count among your major inspirations?

It’s always a hard question for us, that one. We’re all huge music fans and rather than pin pointing certain influences, ‘cos we could rattle a hundred names off, I think our joint musical direction comes more from our love of proper old fashioned songcraft. There’s something timeless about that.

You’ve got a fair number of tracks out in the world now. What’s the reaction been like?

Having released this single and a pair of demos, we’re at the tip of the iceberg really. We’ve probably got about 15 songs to hand, plus another 50 or so lurking about somewhere yet to be developed. The reaction from the first batch in January was good, and I feel like we built up a bit of anticipation for our latest offering, so hopefully ‘Take and Leave’ will deliver.

Tell us a bit about ‘Take and Leave’. Why did you choose to make this track your debut single?

This is our first release, but we’ve chosen it very much in context to follow Weight of Love and Shot Down which we put online in January. It’s another dimension to our sound almost, whilst still being very much in the theme of the last two – we’ve got plenty more where this one came from.

Whats’s the concept behind the video?

Atmosphere was important more than plot. We wanted something that captured the essence of the song and, without yet seeing the final edit, we think we’ve succeeded. In seriousness though, we worked with a very talented group of people headed by filmmaker Dave Galloway – he had so many ideas that we just couldn’t take them all in ourselves. I’d like to think we gave them free reign to create a great accompaniment to the song.

The Theatre Deli is quite atmospheric – what was it like filming in that space?

Stressful. The fire alarm kept going off, and there was a horror theatre production on at the same time. We got stuck in there once after a long day. Filming is hard work!

Sounds spooky.

Nah, it was quite fascinating actually; it’s clear why Woolworths went under. It’s a massive space, with about 3 canteens, enormous storage rooms and a host of offices. A bygone time. I think, like all buildings for this purpose, it’s probably on borrowed time before Starbucks and Sainsburys roll in, but it’s worth checking out if you’re in the area. It offers something unique to Sheffield’s arts scene.

What’s next for you guys?

Tramlines on Saturday is the next big date. Then the Harley on October 3rd, which will be our first headline gig and something we’re really looking forward to. Keep your eyes peeled for a few more releases in 2015.

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