Everything Everything: Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread

Fittingly announced mid-July, is Everything Everything’s exceptionally summery new single – Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread, which beams a very niche version of medieval dance in the band’s typically off-kilter style.

Bass hums layered over glitchy fumblings initially develop before Jon Higgs’ delirious chants eventually form the chorus Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread/ I don’t want to get older ,over a beautifully slap-happy groove.

However the most brilliant part of the song erupts around the quite comical and relentless rap ‘you are a thief and a murder too/stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon/ cause you did it to her/ and you did it to him/ and you did it before/ and youll do it again’.

World beats and metallic drums punched alongside scratchy guitars forms their most eclectic and best single from Get To Heaven yet.  Each release stretches the band into new realms and the eclecticism from their June released album has you continually questioning the genre of the four-piece. An increasingly exciting Leadmill gig in November with these guys is in the pipeline, get your tickets ASAP!

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