Everything, Everything- Get To Heaven

Review of new album from Everything Everything, Get To Heaven.

A new album from Everything Everything is always going to cause a stir. Their truly original debut album still gets a regular outing on my stereogram, and this, their third album, does not disappoint. The fragile opening of the first track, ‘To The Blade’, soon gives way to a crescendo of crashing chords, with Jonathan Higgs’ falsetto vocals always to the fore. Their songwriting is impossible to pigeon-hole, as it takes influences from so many sources. Electronica, Prog-rock, R&B and more are all thrown into the psychedelic mix. They have such an ear for melody that several songs become almost symphonic as they layer vocals on top of some fascinating and varied sounds. Deciding quite what their songs are about often provides as much entertainment as the songs themselves. The song ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ repeatedly chants “I know that you are a thief, and a murderer too/Stole the face that you wear, from a craven baboon”. So that’s cleared that up. The singles, ‘Distant Past’, with its incessant drumbeat and hypnotic chorus, and the new single ‘Regret’ will give you a flavour of the riches to be found here. No two tracks sound the same yet everything (!) is unmistakeably by them. It’s got the clear feel of a truly great album, in that it has that shifting quality where my favourite track changes every time I listen. You’ll not hear a better album this year in my opinion, and you will not be able to escape tracks from this album on the radio in the next few months. This should steadily build the anticipation for when they play live in Sheffield in November. Can’t wait!


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