Exposed Meets ERRBIE.
Possibly one of the best bands you’ve never heard of, indie funk five piece ERRBIE are ready to emerge from the shadows with plans of a new EP and many more surprises on the horizon. We caught up with the them to discuss their formation, future plans and their progression as a band.

You formed as students at the University of Derby – what made decide to continue the band outside of your course?

Once we realised our music had more of an appeal to an outside audience rather than just UoD students, we decided to try our luck at the local venues. It worked out well in all honesty and we started to generate positive feedback from a wide variety of people and sources.

 What inspired your name? And how did you settle on it ?

It’s a long story, but here we go. Near the Britannia Mill campus in Derby there is a bowls club called ‘Derby West End Bowls Club’. Walking past it one day we saw that the ‘D’ of ‘Derby’ had come off and it read ‘Erby’. As silly as it sounds, it just stuck. It seemed as though it would give us a bit of an edge having an unusual band name rather than something shite like, I don’t know, ‘The Rabbit Hats’ or something…

In all honesty, we think this year is going to be big for ERRBIE

 What three words would you use to describe your sound?

Indie, funk, original.

 You’ve mentioned on Facebook you’re due to have new material coming up soon – can you give me some more details about that?

We will be recording more new material onwards from this summer with a hope to release singles in 2015 and an EP in 2016. We have been busy recording two music videos which are being released very very soon, so watch this space.

How do you feel your music has progressed since posting ‘Road To Nowhere’ last year?

In short: A lot. Weirdly enough though the biggest crowd reaction we get is from ‘Road To Nowhere’, but we have definitely gone down more of a funky route since we recorded ‘Road To Nowhere’ for our demo last year. Having said that, we can’t say no to fans, so we do have an updated version of ‘Road To Nowhere’ that should be available this summer. Our Facebook tends to have all the details first.


 What do you feel is ERRBIE’S most unique quality/ selling point?

 Hopefully the originality of our music. A lot of people have told us that they haven’t heard music like ours and that we have a unique sound. Whether that’s a compliment or not I’m unsure, but hopefully its a good thing.

What can we expect next from ERRBIE?

Who knows what will happen. In all honesty, we think this year is going to be big for ERRBIE with new material and music videos coming out this summer. Hopefully the buzz will increase and you can definitely expect some fresh material very soon. We’d like to thank Adam Dakin at The Maypole in Derby for all his support since we started playing together!

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