Django Django @ Plug

Review of Django Django live at Plug, Sheffield.

A new groovy tone complementing Django Django’s trademark sweet ‘Beach Boys’ reminiscent harmonies, alongside ‘Pink Floyd’ style guitar strums, had an animated crowd throwing the wildest of shapes in tonight’s packed-out Plug venue.

Capitalising on the energetic vibe initiated by zealous support ‘Hot Vestry’ and in tandem with radiant strobes, the surprisingly debut album-heavy setlist suggested their second era is about evolution not revolution. This band refreshingly appreciates their fan-favourite foundation of early material.

Consistently guided by spinning squelch synths, the Django’s directed a restless journey across neo-psychedelic ‘Waveforms’ of old, whilst reflecting pulsating 2015 singles ‘First Light’ and ‘Shake and Tremble’ – presenting lyrical tales that boast more existential elements than in an obsessive teen’s collection of Pokémon cards.

Whilst critics note the lack of eclecticism in their repertoire, this does not depreciate their unique blend of the best leftfield pop, rock and dance from the final quarter of the 20th century. Soon after the buzzing ringtone electronics of ‘Silver Rays’ concluded the encore, it was fair to affirm that this ultra-creative entity have one of the most delightfully playful knacks in successfully creating a nostalgic, retro and vibrant live atmosphere.

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