Dead Sons

Are Dead Sons returning?


Sheffield rockers Dead Sons sparked rumours of a return with this cryptic tweet last Friday evening. Seemingly alluding to something happening on 12 October, the twelve-second video also featured ominous howls that sound suspiciously like new music. This was enough to send the band’s loyal fanbase into frenzy.

Formed in 2010, Dead Sons delivered unflinchingly heavy tracks like ‘Junk Room’ and ‘Shotgun Woman’ that went down a storm in the Steel City. The band’s thumping debut album, The Hollers and The Hymns, garnered rave reviews in 2013 and confirmed their exciting talent.

Dead Sons split in 2014 after Tom Rowley moved on to become the fifth member of the Arctic Monkeys. Despite a triumphant reunion gig at The Leadmill in December 2015, we have not heard anything from them since. The band have always remained open to a return ‘sometime, somewhere, when the dust has settled’. Perhaps, four-and-a-half years later, Dead Sons are ready to shake the ground once more.

Watch Dead Sons perform ‘Hangman’ for Exposed In Session back in 2013.

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