Crazy P – Walk Talk Dance Sing

As if right on cue, Crazy P have released the most feel-good album for the summer that will unjustly go under most people’s radar.

The dance veterans’ seventh album is a rip-roaring animal, infusing elements of electronica, soul, funk, disco and everything in between to create an album that is about as much fun as you can have without being told to go home.

Filled with more floor fillers than Topps Tiles, standout tracks ‘The Come On’, ‘Echo’ and epic closer ‘Witch Doctor’ are infectious tracks that gradually build to staggering sizes and are brilliantly carried along by singer Dannielle Moore’s sumptuous vocals.

‘The Way’ takes things down a notch as a sprawling piano ballad and ‘Something More’ builds itself around a simple guitar line to brilliant effect.

Ever consistent, the house pioneers have proved that they still have the metal to produce the sort of catchy and indefinable music that has kept houses and venues partying until the early hours for years.


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