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Bryan Adams @ Sheffield Arena

Get up? The crowd didn’t need asking twice.

From the second we entered the Arena’s VIP lounge it was apparent that the delicious food and slick service was just a taste of what was to come. Bryan Adams was here with his Get Up tour, and Sheffield was standing to attention.

Bryan Adams 2

Belting out new hit after old, the 56-year-old’s enthusiasm was infectious. Huge screens projected cool black and white imagery, and in case anyone was in danger of forgetting the lyrics to ‘Summer of ‘69’, they appeared in their full glory, tattooed over the body of a naked woman.

The lights went down and the arena was illuminated by starlight, courtesy of 10,000 mobile phones. And, with the opening bars of ‘Heaven’, Adams turned on the goosebumps.

Then it was time to rev up the pace. Three guitars screamed into a competitive high-speed chase, and the stage transformed into a playground for grown men. Even Brian couldn’t contain his admiration at lead guitarist Keith Scott, as he just nodded and said, “f***ing great!”

Bryan Adams 1

There was a shout out to Sheffield’s own Eliot Kennedy, co writer of ‘When You’re Gone’, then a young lady was picked to dance in the spotlight, although she was somewhat overshadowed by the guy who decided to strip off behind her. As Brian said: “Only in Sheffield!”

With thirteen albums to his name, Adams had a fair few classics to share, so much so that the encore was a stunning nine-track solo acoustic set in itself.

Adams, it appeared, simply couldn’t stop this thing he started, and the arena was with him every step of the way.

Bryan Adams 3

Words: Samantha Cockayne

Photos: Tim Taylor

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