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Bongo’s Bingo Announces Special N-Trance Show

Bongo’s Bingo is back in Sheffield this July, returning to the city’s iconic O2 Academy on Saturday 14th July with some very special guests joining in the fun.

N-Trance are the iconic electronic band behind several huge tunes, with Set You Free their ultimate dancing-on-the-tables rave anthem. The single turned into a huge hit, reaching #2 in the charts, selling well over half a million copies and becoming the biggest selling dance record of that year.

If you haven’t heard already, Bongo’s Bingo is an insane mix of a live show, a rave and heads-down game of bingo, with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, lots of audience participation and countless classic anthems each night.

It takes place across the UK, where it started in Liverpool, as well as shows in Australia, Dubai, Ibiza, Amsterdam and many new locations happening this year. There’s the chance to win pink unicorns, Henry Hoovers, boxes of Coco Pops, mobility scooters and life-size cardboard cut outs to big cash prizes, as the tension rises with each round of bingo.

It’s great fun and we went along to one of their shows a while back, check it out.

For more info and to purchase tickets, click here.

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