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Be My Valentine – Interview: Electric Six

The man with the illuminating crotch, Dick Valentine, gives Exposed the lowdown on all things Electric Six.

They’re stoked to visit the UK, especially York
“We’ve been touring for about three weeks around the East Coast in the US, so we’re already in pretty good form. We start the UK tour on 4th November, so we’re just going to chill out and relax a bit before that takes off. We usually get a great response in the UK, but there are all these different elements that make a great location for me: the vibe of the place or how the city itself feels is a big one. Obviously, we like playing big cities such as Manchester and London, but I personally like spending time in the smaller, more historic cities like York. Those places always have a great vibe.”

The new album is about vampires (kind of)
“The album’s largely themed around mortality and urban living. It looks mainly at this idea of the urban vampire – you know, getting more and more frustrated at your fellow citizens and just wanting to drain their blood!”

The Electric Six sound has shifted significantly
“Obviously, the departure of our drummer [Percussion World] as he left to join Flogging Molly meant that we were going into the studio using a drum machine. It gives the music a completely different dance-synth sort of feel to it, so I suppose that’s the direction we’re shooting at for now. I’m not worried about change – this is our twelfth release, you know? We’re just really focussing on music that’s fun to play live.”


They’ve recently welcomed a new member to the band
“Our new drummer, two-handed bob, he’s great! He’s obviously got a different style to Percussion World, but it means that we can play all the stuff we never really played with him before, and it’s really interesting to hear a brand new take on these songs. Obviously, seeing as PW’s been with us so long, we weren’t sure if we should just take a break for a while after he left, but we just kept on going with it – and now I’m glad we did.”

Dick loves a bit of fan interaction
“I’ve always tried to have a good relationship with my fans. I think that’s really important. Not too long ago I toured for three weeks in the UK and Ireland, just me and an acoustic guitar, and I really enjoyed it. I love being able to sit down and have a drink with the people who’ve come and watched my show. Sometimes I think that people must think I’m more famous and less approachable than I actually am. I certainly wouldn’t even consider myself to be famous!”

But it doesn’t look like they’ll be taking anyone to a gay bar
“No, we’ve not got any specific plans to make any stops in any gay bars on the tour. But, like everything, you never know what’ll happen and where you end up, so if the opportunity knocks …”

Electric Six play Sheffield’s O2 Academy on Thursday, 1st December. Tickets are available from www.academymusicgroup.com

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