Bang Bang Romeo – Johannesburg

Made up from elements of Sheffield, Doncaster and Leeds, Bang Bang Romeo’s latest single ‘Johannesburg’ is inspired by a mixture of influences sourced from everywhere but the UK.

The Yorkshire four-piece has reason to be optimistic as this, their first release since signing to MadClubOfTwo Records, certainly singles them out as ones to watch.

The track moves along with a steady bass line and the support of some succulent brass to give things that extra razzmatazz. Singer Anastasia Walker’s voice, with it’s soulful and uncompromising delivery, is one you can instantly feel adhered to and the gritty guitar solo that brings the song to a close takes it to that extra level it needs.


Even without the help of the Spaghetti Western-esque music video, the song triggers the sort of imagery conjured up by old Clint Eastwood films and wouldn’t feel out of place soundtracking a post-assassination chase scene in a Tarantino flick.

Exposed – Bang Bang Romeo

Sassy, groovy and as effortlessly cool as Clint himself, ‘Johannesburg’ is an exciting indication of what one of the hottest local prospects could deliver in the coming months.


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