August Gig Round-Up

There might not be a ton of big names heading to Sheffield this month, but there are still a number of gigs more than worth giving a nudge. Here are some top picks.

The Harley: Jeffrey Lewis plus support, 25th August
With a spectrum of tracks ranging from acoustic folk to angsty punk, and having featured on the same bills as Pulp and The Fall, Jeffrey Lewis is not an act to be underestimated. Lewis is joined at The Harley by upbeat guitar pop act Thee Mightees and in-demand multi-instrumentalist Harkin.

The Rocking Chair: Clay, 10th August
Marrying uplifting Indie-melodies with electro undercurrents, this Leeds four-piece have already attained a unique and dedicated fanbase since their fairly recent conception.

The Greystones: Anne McCue, 7th August

Oozing 60s rock’n’roll groove Anne McCue is a singer-songwriter from Australia who really knows how to make that six-string sing.

The Washington: Garden Centre, 9th August
A fantastically erratic and bizarre take on pop music, Garden Centre love to celebrate weirdness. Utilising as many sounds as they can cram into each song, the frantic stylings of Garden Centre will be present at The Washington this month.

The Lescar: Let Spin, 10th August
Chilled-out rhythms mix with atmospheric guitar and a thick layer of smooth sax in this fantastic jazz quartet.

Record Junkee: The Real Cool/The Rosadocs/General Panic/The Phasers, 18th August
Aggressive Management present an eclectic mix of four distinct acts from Sheffield and Birmingham, combining alt rock, 80’s synth sounds and a fair bit of statement –making in one fantastic live show.

Café #9: People Poems, 11th August
Offering a wide selection of passionately-crafted songs, the atmospheric sound of People Poems revolves around soulful lyrics sung with power and conviction; stripped-back guitars and piano provides the finishing touches to the beautiful sound of this band.

The Leadmill: Our Saving Day, Eden Haze, and Steal The City, 13th August
The stage at The Leadmill will soon be graced by, not one, but three fantastic alternative rock acts from around the city. Aggressive instrumentals, atmospheric breakdowns and mosh pit a-plenty.

The Greystones: Charlie Parr, 13th August
Lending to the legacies of the likes of Woodie Guthrie and Leadbelly, Charlie Parr’s deadpan but witty sound is an authentic throwback to the folksy blues sound of early twentieth-century America.

O2 Academy: Apocalypse, 18th August
Brazilian progressive rock band Apocalypse are known for their high-energy live shows, and their upcoming performance at the O2 Academy will be no exception. A thunderous selection of fast-paced tracks, any rock fan will be hard-pressed to find fault with this band.

Corporation: Air Drawn Dagger, 20th August

Alternative rock is perhaps a little too simplistic way to describe Air Drawn Dagger; the band dips its toes in indie, punk, grunge, electronic, but each track never fails to pack a punch.

Shakespeare’s: Skyligers, 27th August
A band hard to peg a genre to, Skyligers are a five-piece made up of the remnants of two pre-existing bands and an ex-belly dancer. Having honed and perfected their sound over two years, theysound like a strange cross between Fleetwood Mac and Soundgarden, but remain completely fresh and thoroughly unique.

Looking Ahead…

Code: Psyberia – Hypnocoustia LIVE & Act One, 29th September
London-based Joe Studt brings his unique psychedelic trance to Sheffield, and will be joined by the darker but high-energy vibes of Act One, as well as the Polish-born DJ Psychosomasis fresh from the European festival scene.

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