Israeli psy-trance maestro DJ Astrix ranks amongst the top 100 world DJs, with a globe-trotting career spanning 20 years. We grabbed him for a chat ahead of a rare UK appearance at Digital Society’s huge Open Up UK event on May 22.

Hi Astrix, what are you up to today?
Hello! I’m just applying the finishing touches to my upcoming album and taking deep breaths before a really busy summer tour loaded with festivals and parties.

You’re playing Open Up in Leeds on May 22nd – are you looking forward to the event?
I’ve always said that I love the UK and since it will be my first time in Leeds with such a respectable line up and venue, it’s double the excitement.

What can we expect from your set?
My DJ set enables me to take the crowd on a journey, starting with a progressive vibe and moving on to more psychedelic tracks, mainly mine but I like to mix it up a bit at times.

How do you find the UK crowds – do you have a favourite city/venue over here?
So far, every venue I’ve played has been magic and with a perfect crowd. The most memorable would be Alexandra Palace, Brixton Academy and Ministry Of Sound.

Who are your influences?
Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Ace Ventura, Captain Hook.

What was the music scene like growing up in Israel?
It was a great stomping ground. There were many parties and lots of international artists playing all over the country. There were many Israeli artists and labels that helped make Israel an empire in the scene. I couldn’t have asked for a better school.

You’ve played festivals across the globe, what has been a career highlight/personal achievement?
There have been so many it’s hard to pick just one. I would say that playing some of USA’s biggest festivals since 2014 has been a great tick in my book and there was a big street party in Israel not long ago where I played for over 100,000 people – it was a huge experience as you always feel proud to break a record in your homeland.

How do you think your music style has evolved throughout your career?
It’s been quite a long journey with many streams of trance on the way: commercial, uplifting, full on, psychedelic, progressive. Now I embrace the more psychedelic side of trance as it feels very natural where you feel most at home and where you are loved the most.

Do you have any festival advice for our readers? 
Enjoy to the max and remember, good or bad, every incident is an experience to remember.

Finally, what are your plans for the next year?
Next year is still too far away to predict. I will release my new album this summer then tour the world. After that I will be able to experiment more freely at the studio – after you’ve released an album the concerns and worries are gone and you can be free to shoot in every direction once again.

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